Vintage love….Part 2

During a typical conversation about all things vintage, Mother Hen, had a amazing idea to put together a look through time of 4 generations wedding rings & wedding dresses! Completely amazing. It's incredible that we have rings and photos to show for FOUR generations.

Maternal Great Grandparents: 4.8.1913 
Band engraved " W.H. to R.K. 4.8.13"

My maternal grandparents : 10.3.1939

My parents: 2.14.1976 -Original diamond and band set. Wrap added 10 years later. 
My mother RENTED her dress during that time! 

and one more look at my adorable parents…this photo has much more focus on them :-) 

 And finally, Mine & Tom's wedding day and rings. Please notice that we were married at the same church as my parents... in front of the same alter as my parents. The church that my grandfather helped build.


And that, my friends, is our vintage love and it's roots.