Vintage love…part one

This last weekend Tom and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary. (We have been together 11 years) Every year we try to go on an antiquing date as part of our anniversary "date." This year it worked out that my parents could keep the kids while we did a little weekend getaway to French Lick. 

We stayed in the "vintage" French Lick Resort. Hands down one the most gorgeous hotels. All the detailing in the moldings in that hotel were exquisite. I also feel compelled to mention that this hotel was perfectly clean. I kept looking at the baroque details on the ceilings and basically everywhere you looked and I just couldn't wrap my head around how spotless it was. God bless whoever is doing all the dusting.  Sheesh!!

We sampled a lot of vintage grapes…errr….I mean wine at French Lick Winery.

After we nailed down what we wanted to buy, we sat in their art cafe area and enjoyed The. Best. Bruschetta. ever made. I kid you not. I'm 100% certain this was the best bruschetta I have ever had. I have literally been craving it all week since we left. I honestly just kept talking about the damn bruschetta the entire weekend. (I was told on more than one occasion by Tom that if they car had and "eject" button he would send my a** flying. I'm certain he was pushing his imaginary eject button every time I brought it up! hahahahah)

(but for real... I can't even stress to you enough that this was in fact the best bruschetta ever to be eaten in all of the world)

We gambled. The only thing vintage about that is the money we won and then didn't come home with. We are totally not into gambling but since the hotel had a casino we had to have a little fun! ;-)

(we only put in about 15 to win this 80 total here that we eventually just gambled and lost. lol.)

We antiqued a lot of Saturday and found a few amazing vintage pieces. (I'm not sharing just quite yet because I need to make a few decisions on styling or possible "refabbing")

I may have found my favorite store on earth which was actually just refabbed type of items so not really antiques. We had to get this giant piece for our bedroom that says "Always Kiss Me Goodnight"….so perfect.

In between the coffee, water (yes..I actually love water as shocking as that may sound), and wine there was many "ML's" as we call them. We have especially been loving their throwback "vintage" labeling for this last 6 months or so.

Saturday evening, which was our actual anniversary, we had reservations at the 1875 Steakhouse. (named after the year of the very first Kentucky Derby race. Totally vintage, my friends ;-)…. OH MY GOSH, though. For sure, one of the best dinners I've ever had. We tried our first oysters ever! eek!! We had a super amazing waitress who recommended eating on a cracker with cocktail sauce on top. It was actually really good! But people...The steak.  Listen, I've had a lot of fancy steaks but this filet mignon was completely perfect. Perfectly medium. Perfectly flavored. Worth every single penny.  I tried Tom's porterhouse and I'm convinced mine was better. He won't admit it, but it was. (why again are we "competing" about steak??? lol) aaannnnnd #eject

Additionally, I feel the need to tell you that our reservations were at 8:30pm. I nearly fainted from malnourishment at that hour but I was trying to honor my husband's goal to stay out past typical "bedtime" just one of the nights.  #thestruggleisreal

So that just about wraps up the amazingness of this last weekend. Perfect vintage love getaway! We almost never give each other gifts for anniversaries, holidays etc but I did take and give him this photo. Which is the perfect place to leave off for my part 2 coming on Friday!


  1. looks like so much fun..we went to french lick a few years ago..im so not a gambler! I didn't even know how to use a slot machine! can't wait to see all of your finds!!!

  2. Helloo...when can we go antiquing together?!?! :)

  3. The French Lick Resort is GORGEOUS! I've only been there for work, but I think a long weekend is well overdue. Also, that photo of your daughter is perfection. Happy anniversary!