Holidays || Part 1

Holiday Season is upon us! YAY! I know some of your are totally cringing but I love it the second it starts. I totally bought some ornaments back in August even! haha!! And if I'm not hyper enough I have a little girl who is estatic about all holidays which totally just spurs me on. I love how much she loves to decorate and see the magic in all holidays so this year I have been trying to put more thought and energy into holiday decor. We began with major playroom decor for halloween and now that Halloween is over its time to shift gears!!

For the first time ever, I'm going to put up two trees! I'm going to do a fun one in the playroom that the kids get to put all their ornaments on! I want it to be bright, happy, and fun! I've decided to keep it really simple with just the red and white theme for the room. I'm planning to get a 4 foot white tree for this room and Tom is going to build a little stand of sorts to keep it up off the ground a little bit (not that Jay won't still knock it over like a bagillion times) I already bought the large old school type of christmas bulb lights in solid red for the white tree. I think it will be completely adorable! I plan to spend this month of November making a lot of the decor and having the kids do lots of crafts to help contribute. Especially Nae loves to see her work up on display through out the house.

Playroom Decor Inspiration:

Playroom Christmas

25 Creative and Beautiful Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas / Wham Rap! / Wham Rap! / Pinterest / Wham Rap! / Wham Rap! / Wham Rap!

As far as the family tree that will be in our living room, I began phasing in a new theme last year…but only got so far. It's SO EXPENSIVE to buy all this holiday decor so I did about half last year and this year will kind of finish up this evolving theme. I'm planning to do a Lace/Burlap/Crochet theme for this tree and room. Again, I have a few crafts planned to make some things to keep the costs down. I can't wait to see how this all comes together between now and Thanksgiving-ish. Yes..I sometimes put my tree up before Thanksgiving. I love seeing it up and feeling the happiness it brings. I love the lights. It's just so pretty. I like to enjoy it starting early no matter what the rest of the world does! ;-)

Family Room Decor Inspiration:
Christmas Living Room

Reindeer print on burlap and bourbon barrel by JoannaTateMonograms / Pinterest / Pinterest / Pinterest / Pinterest / Pin by Mary Powell on Products I Love | Pinterest / Top 10 Christmas DIY Ideas for Recycling Old Sweaters / Pinterest

So those are my idea boards. I can't wait to put it all together and see how pretty it looks! Anyone else re-themeing this year? 


  1. All of my Christmas decor is currently the "bright" colors - green, blue, pink, purple. I'm kind of over it. Since I didn't put up a tree last year (one month olds make things difficult), I'm going all out this year. I'm loving what I like to call "cabin chic" - red/green plaids, touches of creme and gold and a hint of burlap. My husband thinks I'm insane. ;)