Life + Goals

We had family in town…took a 4 day trip (sans dad) back home, met family for a day. Are you sensing a theme?! I had my first of two crafts shows for the season…did a few clients hair (I do hair occasionally on the side still), had a scarf exchange with some of my favorite local bloggers, shopped till I drop this month. I burned up my keyboard this month with Christmas shopping and also a huge Saturday of shopping with my best shopping partner in the world. You know you have one friend you love to shop with the most, right?!? ;-) 
There were LOTS of "big" weekend plans this month so I kept my week days pretty quiet. I believe in balance. I don't think its healthy to have plans all the time. I think it's important to know how to "entertain yourself"-- as my parents would encourage us as I grew up. I pass that philosophy along to my kids as well. Not every day can be friends, playdates, errands, or "plans.":-) Thats just how we roll around here, folks. But as you can see….we had a BLAST and walked away from October with happy hearts. 
November brings Holiday Season. I love it. I honestly love it so SO much. The beautiful change of season.  The reason for the season. It's majestic. 

So here we go…November Goals. Nothing too crazy..

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