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Well hello there early winter! eek! I mean I love winter a lot. Like it's my jam…but this is a tad early to start this year's snow-pocalypse. But lucky for all of you, we had our first snow of the season which made me bump up this post from December to November! I'm sharing with you my grand idea inspired by last years 3 solid months of not seeing grass…

A Snow Day Survival Kit:

I put the effort into pre-planning activities for those cabin fever days. In my kit, it was easiest for me to actually print off directions and put supplies together in a ziplock. I mainly put the supplies that I was worried I either wouldn't have on hand at any given time or that I actually just don't keep around the house!

Mamas; This is for you. Do this for yourself. Trust me…you will need it.

A little fun snow paint! We can go out and just spray away making some cute colorful "paintings" in the snow. 

Snowflake craft- I think these will be not only fun for them to make but then we can hang in the windows. These kids love to see their artwork hung up!

 What kid doesn't love to make a little noise?!?! And shake stuff?! I imagine a dance and shaker party with this one! 

 A little snowman craft! Because if this winter is like last year then there will be days that are WAY too cold to even safely play outside. And when my 4 year old is BEGGING me to make a snowman this is my back up plan!

 Winter coloring pages plus new crayons! I just googled winter themed printable coloring pages and just printed them right off! I included new crayons because you know the day we do this, conveniently, all ours will be broken. 

 Sending mail to friends or family! This is always a fun activity for my kids!

 Flubber! This stuff is so fun! I think I made it in school when I was a child. So this was a total no brainer for me to grab these supplies and put this kit in here!!

 Do I really need to explain? This is possibly when you will want that wine. 

 This set of dollar aisle markers and a paper table cloth will end up being a road mat. I will have the kids help me draw roads and a community! Fun for Jay with the cars, and fun for Nae because she gets to draw and work on drawing her shapes! Win-win!

Paper plates for endless amounts of paper plate creations. I shared a link below of ideas but you guys…there is about 1 billion different things you can make with paper plates.

So that is my kit! Other ideas I had and will likely add in are a new movie the kids haven't seen, snow ice cream, new playdoh, cake mix + icing, and a scavenger hunt kit! Obviously, the options are endless and this is so easy to cater to your childrens interests and ages! 

I've got my North Face and my Uggs. I have plenty of candles and matches…a propane stove and plenty of canned soup. And, I've got this kit.

Bring it winter! I dare ya!

Links to Pins I used for my inspiration:

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  1. What a great idea! Wish I'd thought of this when my kids were small.