Christmas Decor Tour

I think I mentioned this is my Christmas inspiration board post last month, but holiday decor has never been my thing. You can blame it on the OCD in me. I like things to be in their "place" and not have clutter. I know I need to loosen up a little and I'm trying…With a 4 year old and an almost 1 1/2 year old it helps me. They are so excited about holidays so I have been making a lot more effort to invest in more decor and spice things up. So today, I'm showing what is at least double if not more the normal decor that I have put in the past for Christmas! I love how festive and special it all feels. It's a total step outside my box but I'm having a lot of fun with it!!

So to get this all started I wanted to share my very favorite Christmas Song: O Holy Night by Jessica Simpson (if you know we, like at all, you know I LOOOOVE Jessica Simpson) You tube it or download it on your iTunes.  It's beautiful.

We began mid November with a little Christmas list writing & Hot Chocolate Christmas kickoff one Sunday afternoon. This was a new tradition for us and I think this one is gonna stick! :-)

We got the kids coordinating jammies….last year they got holiday inspired jammies but they weren't the same. I hope to keep them coordinated if possible from here on out!

(This photo is terrible quality and took me like an entire evening to get. I hope to try to actually sit them down one morning so there is more light and use my good camera to get a better version of this.)

 I wanted to decorate the playroom in our house separately from our living room. I wanted it to be more kid themed and "fun" and making the living room and rest of house be more my own personal style. If any of you have ever tried to "re-theme" your decor then you know it can be mega expensive!!! So we tried to make as much as possible and reuse what we already had from years past. We ended up making some candy and puff ball trees and some yarn puff buntings for the windows. We were able to reuse tons of ornaments minus the ornaments we bought for each the kids this year. (we buy them one ornament that they get to pick out each year) …side note. Nae dropped her 1st ornament we ever got her….and it shattered:-( I was a little distraught on the inside when it happened. What do we do? I don't want to fudge one because thats not the same but neither is her not having an ornament from her first xmas. Who has advice for me???

As we went shopping for a few new items she got really hooked on Nutcrackers. She calls them "marching bands" which is makes them even cuter. ;-) So she picked out a couple of them for our explosion of Christmas in the playroom.

These were all just some Santa's we had around ( I used to get a lot of themed gifts from clients when I worked at the salon) so we just made a little "Santa Land" display.

My grandmother made that beautiful afghan which is one of my favorite Christmas decor pieces ever. I will NEVER not put out her afghan.

I knew I wanted to gravitate towards this sort of theme last year --the burlap, crochet with pearl and lace accent but it was too expensive to do all in one year…plus we were only doing one tree so I had all the kids ornaments on it last year. So this year I sort of finished up what I began last year!

I made the burlap garland I hung from the mantle and I bought the bunting on the mirror from my local Handmade Vintage Market.  The other mantle times were from Target last year.

Again, a special piece from my grandmother. She painted pottery and had made this for me (and many family members.) To ensure it's safety from my little kiddies I put on top of my fridge this year. I can't even imagine the idea of them playing with or breaking one of these pieces. Simply irreplaceable.

Again, bought these stockings last year. After having proper stocking hangers on my fireplace last year that Nae pulled on and nearly crushed her head when it fell on top of her, I knew they will likely never go back there. My Mother would hang stockings etc on the banisters so that is what I decided to do with mine. I made the lace/burlap bows and just tied them on. No more near-concussions this year!

I completely failed to take photos of Tom and Nae decorating the outdoor area because it was raining :-(  and I was fighting my lil dude who was trying his hardest to get out there with them. But we tend to go simple outside and just do netted lights over all our bushes. Easy, simple, and really pretty!

The latest little holiday activity we did this last weekend was make a gingerbread house! The kids L-O-V-E-D it!! I mean they ate half the candy…but who cares, right!?!?!??!

 And the last festive spot of our house is "a major award"….Don't worry.. her leg is in our bedroom where people can't see the crazy insane people that we are.

We still have the Feast of Saint Nicholas this coming weekend that we will celebrate. But other than that we don't have many "traditions" yet. Every year feels different for us with traveling. So far, we are not doing the Elf of the Shelf thing. IF someday the kids ask for it I will consider doing it, because IT IS cute and fun, but I'm not planning to start that on my own since there is no religious background or reason behind it. We DID go see Santa last year per Nae's request but she hasn't requested it this year so we don't have plans to as of now.

 Do you have a fun tradition you would like to share?? We are young family are still figuring out all our traditions!!

In fact…this will be our first year EVER since Tom and I moved to Indy (9 1/2  years ago) that we will wake up on Christmas morning in our own home!! It's a weird thought. Exciting... yet completely "off" all at the same time.

So this is what Christmas looks like around our home! I have a few more things to share between now and Christmas on here but I'm sure things will be on the slow side! I wish you all the best Christmas season.

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  1. I LOVE your rustic-inspired décor! And that Christmas tree!! Hope you're having a wonderful holiday season!!


  2. Love your decor and that you get your kids involved. Stopping by from Andrea's link-up. www.cheathamblog.blogspot.com

  3. What beautiful décor! I went with the burlap theme this year too and am thrilled with how it turned out and the warmth that it brought to my house. One of my crafts for Christmas was to also make a burlap garland and I love yours too!

  4. You and I are sooo on the same page. Normally my tree is the only Christmas decor in the Cotten house. This year, Santa Claus exploded in my living room. I can't even help it. Your decoration turned out beautiful, by the way!

  5. Love your decor and that lamp leg is too cute!!

  6. Love your decor girl!!! How is it that your handsome boy is already 1 and a half!

  7. love the tree!! I'm a fan of lace and burlap too but never thought to put it all on one tree!XO sarita it's my girls' world

  8. Loving all of the RED in the playroom!!
    Your white & burlap tree and mantel are just gorgeous--you have lovely decorating style!!
    Such cute pics of the gingerbread-house-decorating :)
    We are hopefully coming to Indy this weekend!

  9. Love your decorations! I am a little sad that I won't be decorating this year because of the move so I am really enjoying see all of the holiday posts.

    For the ornament, I wonder if you could get a clear ball and put the shattered pieces of the original ornament inside of it. So that way you would still technically have the ornament. Or you could put a picture of the original ornament inside of the clear one to display it?