Life + Goals

November looked like this: 

Goodness, these kids were so sleepy and cuddly this last month. I guess they just know winter is setting in. I'm so serious they were way more cuddly then normal…I don't know what their deal is, but I will take it!! No complaints on my end :-)

But don't get me wrong…they were equal parts crazy this last month too…

As for Tom and I, we got lucky and squeaked in a few adults only outings ;-) 
To a Colts game with my parents…a birthday dinner date….& a get together at a friends house.

I haven't a single photo from Thanksgiving to share because I'm completely a loser and didn't take any! hahha 

So on to December we go!

This month I really only want to enjoy this season. Its so magical and fun. I love everything about this holiday from the true meaning of Christmas to all the pretty lights and gift giving to my loved ones. So you will find me wrapping gifts, mailing Christmas cards, watching Christmas movies like it's my job, and probably having some red wine by the fire this month. 

No goals this month. I plan to just enjoy.

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