On an Island

We have been powering through our to do list this year with our house and we have been having so much fun updating and cultivating our style. To remind you all, we bought this house with intentions of personalizing it to precisely our style 2 1/2 years ago and finally things have been taking shape. Next year will likely be a bit slower and a few more "boring" type projects like painting the entire basement. Someday sooner rather than later I know this roof is going to have it in on us so we are planning to take a step back and put some of our bigger ($$$) plans like granite countertops and new carpet on hold to make sure we have money available for when that sad sad day comes. I have this gut feeling its not far away but if we are lucky we may still have a few years. So far no problems but we are just trying to evaluate our home projects and prioritize them. I only ramble all this to you all because I have shared a lot of our larger projects on here and feel like it helps sometimes to know our process and where we are going. Not only is design, decor, home style a passion of mine but it's truly something Tom and I LOVE working on together. We love spending evenings planning and dreaming, and then the weekends executing projects. And most of all when it's all done and we are relaxing on the couch the feeling we have knowing we are making this house our home with our own two hands is unbeatable. So without further ado here was our latest quicky update…

completely basic and not even real wood on three sides. (No bueno)

It's SO HARD to see that we planked the island but that is what happened here. I tried like 3 different days lately to take this photos but lighting has been totally tragic due to rain and just overcast days. The detail of the planks is so so so hard to capture. But the 6in wide planks add such character that is completely on par with our style. And painting the island and attaching feet to the front gave such good definition and took our basic stock island from blah to wow!

My paint inspiration was the cushion of our dining chairs:
(again many awful photos because I just snap quickly with my phone as we go. We always juggling the kids plus projects so there isn't time for me to capture all stages and all detail.)

Tom had Lowe's cut thin board into 6in panels and he cut the lengths once he got home. Then he got to play with his new nail gun and attached all the boards to fully encase the island. Meanwhile I was at Sherwin Williams picking paint, sanding, and prepping for paint.

(Yes..that is Dixie's toy…because she doesn't give a flip what your busy with. She just wanted to play)

I had to paint at night in my jammies because I wasn't about to have that wet paint battle with the kids during the day!

Completely changed!

The feet were my very favorite detail of this project. I could faint over how much nicer they make the island look. It looks like a piece of furniture now. 

We are so thrilled with the results and so happy to finally have addressed the island. She's a beaut! 
Jan. 1 begins our winter project of painting the entire basement. Shoot. me. now. I usually think painting is a good idea for about one wall. And then panic sets in when I realize it will need a billion coats. Just image the stair way walls…I might go ahead and start crying over the edging I'll have to do. AHGGG! But it will be worth it…..
or so I tell myself.

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  1. It looks SOOOOOOO good! I love how this turned out! This is one of my favorite projects -- I encourage clients to do this all the time because revamping an island can change a kitchen so much Well done!!!!