4 Years & an 18 Month Blur

If you have followed me for longer than a few months then you know I do all my own photography for my kids at all their age "milestones"...every month the first year...then 15mo & 18mo until 2 and from there I drop down to yearly photos. I am NOT a professional photographer. I have studied it a bit and practiced a lot but I'm still far from perfect especially when my models usually only give me 5 minutes to get what I need. Most of all I do this because I love it on a creative level but I love the one on one time with each one every time I do it. I try to make it fun for them. Now that Nae is older I let her help plan the mini shoots! (which you will notice below)

 Jan 2nd my dude turned 18months and today my Nae Nae turns 4. Yep FOUR. She is like a real little girl now. So here are my babies last shoots + some birthday fun for Nae --

...because I'm that sick Mom who likes to capture a meltdown as well as smiles.

This was one of his last days of his paci. He doest still get it when he sleeps but 18months with both kids has been my daytime paci cutoff. He is officially off the paci during the day now. He sure did love that thing.

And now..MY BIG GIRL!

She got a new bike for her birthday! This is the one she was in love with about 2 months ago when we were just browsing one day... and I must say she couldn't have chosen a cuter bike!! 

So thats my little birthday/milestone update for today!! I'll be back later this week with a little fashion something-something for ya! ;-)

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