Box Fashion

Today I'm just sharing a couple things we have tried with our wardrobes in the last month. I have always done all the family's clothing shopping...which is a task I enjoy. BUT, sometimes I find my self buying the same types of things and from the same handful of stores. After Tom mentioned one day around Nov/Dec that he felt like he needed some new clothes, I got to work pulling old pieces from his side to donate (because I rarely just add to the closet without pulling old pieces.) To be honest, I felt really bad when I was going through his clothes. Feeling like I have built a whole new wardrobe after my pregnancies to feel fresh and updated but he still had MANY items from his very first accounting job 8 years ago! eeek! Bad wife award :-( A few elbows were worn and cuts were all wrong, and some complete wrong size. So we agreed on a budget and I sort of dove into a wardrobe overhaul. I did a lot of shopping through the holidays and found gobs of sales. I went to Banana Republic not once but THREE different times to take advantage of sale prices that made them comparable to Kohls or Gap. I would say that Banana has become a new favorite for Tom but I wanted to find variety. This is where we went a new route:

Trunk Club. It's a styling service for men. 
You enter all your preferences, style, job, sizes..you get a stylist (who calls on the phone to discuss in more depth style etc.) and they select up to 8 items and ship them to you! ( you are not charged for any clothes until you receive box and have 10 days to ship back what you don't want)  This was an excellent option for us because we don't have to do the dreaded shopping trip with two kids where you can't focus but also to get him more variety then the same things I gravitate towards....PLUS we all know how difficult it can be to convince the man in your life that he should try a certain trend...so I had someone back me up on a few things! The trunk was awesome and he loved everything in it. It was all "him" but pushed the envelope just a tad for him too with colors and a few cuts! We really loved the experience and felt like his stylist made excellent selections but it was just too expensive. We just don't spend nordstrom prices on his dress shirts and such. It fit "good" but not so good to keep $100+ button downs. But we tried this because we wanted to see if there was enough difference to invest in his wardrobe like that. He simply had never even tried on clothes in that range...so you don't really know if its worth it till you try! He DID keep a pair of shoes and a pair of brown jeans. Again, pricey, but the pants just honestly looked amazing on him and he LOVES the way they fit and they are completely unlike anything else he owns. Plus lets, be honest. He deserves a little splurge here and there. It feels good to have a few nice things, right? The shoes were more than we typically spend but we have not had amazing luck with the brands we have tried that are in the price bracket below these... so this was sort of a necessary "experiment" to keep those. He felt like they fit great and then were very comfortable in the arch etc. They are actual real leather and seem to be made very well. At the rate his old shoes have been getting dingy, we probably were spending this much per year to keep replacing. He also chose the shoes because they can be worn with jeans, dress, pants, & a suit! I loved all the examples his stylist sent with the shoes of how versatile they are! SOLD!

**There wasn't a chance in he** that I was even going to try to convince Tom to let me take photos of him trying clothes on... so pardon my lack of images!

Wow. I didn't mean to go in to so much detail but I did want to explain the thought process. All in all...we felt it was too high end for our spending habits. But, I have found Mens Style Lab which seems to be down a notch in price point so we are setting up a profile and going to finish his clothing revamp with that service if all goes well! I'm sure I'll let you all know how we feel that box fashion service goes!

On to me. I do not need a darn thing to be honest. But I'm a female and a lover of clothes. So, I also wanted to try the popular Stitch Fix women's box service. 

I had set up an account over a year ago right after I had Jay but I got waitlisted for an actual box and then I just never scheduled one once my turn came around. My only reason was for trying now was variety. Again, I shop the same places and buy the same colors and cuts. My closet is starting to look all the same. So I wanted to see what someone else would put me in. I have to say my stylist knocked it out of park!!!!

 First, I NEVER buy gray. I love it but I never buy it. Since wearing all black/white/gray in the salon everyday of my life for 6 years I've been going totally nutso adding color and prints to my wardrobe and I was actually really starting to lack basics! So I was super excited to get all the neutral! When you get assigned a stylist they reference your fashion board on Pinterest and draw inspiration for shipment from there as well as the note you leave for your stylist. Now, I was NOT planning to keep it all. In fact, I had told myself I could keep 2 or 3 of the 5 items they send. And thats what I sat down at my computer to do when right at the last second as I was clicking checkout I realized for three items my total was the, EXACT SAME to the dollar, as keeping the whole box. I know that sounds insane, but I had neglected to read the bottom of the statement that came with my box that said you get a 25% discount if you buy the whole box. Say what!!!?!?! It was completely random and a total fluke that the 25% discount plus the $20 styling fee (that gets applied to your final order) brought it down to the exact same total. So that was an easy decision! I'LL KEEP IT ALL! hahahahah

I signed up to do another stitch fix box later in the spring to get a new perspective when I start buying for summer ;-)

So just wanted to share the alternatives to shopping that we have tried and how we felt about it. Anyone else loving services like these?

**These are NOT formal reviews for the companies! I just wanted to share! :-)


  1. who knew they had a men's style box?! And i'm kind of bummed there was no photos of tom in his outfits lol

  2. The men's box sounds like a really interesting concept, and an easier way for guys to shop. But, men's clothing is always more expensive... boo! I will have to stick with searching the guy's clearance racks and bringing things home for "try on". ;) I love your Stitch Fix! Smart move keeping the whole thing!

    xo Always, Abby

  3. Aaaww come on we need pictures of trying on cloths . . . . does this make my butt look big? lol But for real that is pretty amazing suggesting styles for where you are in life as well as the ever changing body shape. When I bring something new out of the 'comfort zone' for Rooster I get that look with one eyebrow raised???? I completely agree on spending the $$$ on good leather shoes. In the long run look and feel wins hands down. Love the fun style shoes sent. What brand is that?