Centered || 2015

Happy 2015!!! 

I love starting a new year!! I love the feeling of having a "cut off" to just leave things behind you and look forward only. Im just that type of person that I tend to need a reason to let go of something. So new years it is! Hahaha 2014 was mostly a great year. Im going to call it a success but like all people out there, there are things Im glad to have behind us from last year. Last year, I chose a word of the year for the first time because Im obsessive about goals... so again this year I was drawn towards some personal and family goals and wishes. The words that keep coming to mind are "simple", "steady", "intentional"... So I've settled on my 2015 theme being "centered".
My hopes & goals for this next year is to continue my (unattainable) quest of finding balance. Over the last year Tom finished his MBA which was incredibly time consuming for him and we had our youngest transition from non mobile babyhood to extremely active and curious toddlerhood as well as our oldest start her first school program.  It was a bit of a whirlwind at times. I felt like most the year we all felt like we were running a marathon and in a tailspin with changes and adjustments. And yes, we CHOSE to do all our projects, and travel, etc... Because we didn't want doing fun things to stop just because Tom and I were tired. We are busy people. We like it that way.  We like to work hard and play hard. But for this next year I feel like we have a better grasp on our current life stage (though I know it will change ten fold before 2016) ... We feel enormous weight lifted that school is all done for Tom. I also learned over the later part of the year where I need to make adjustments personally to feel certain successes I felt were lacking etc. I know 2015 will have its own fair share of surprises that will pop up and throw us off course ...but I hope in all the choices we do get the luxury of making that we make meaningful centered choices. That we spend our time wisely and happily. That we surround ourselves with positive vibes and people who lift us up.
I hope today you all woke up with the same sense of renewal that I did. Lets make this year a beautiful one...

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  1. Aren't we all excited to have a fresh start? Each year brings challenges and opportunities we just need to see them both for what they are in our lives. Forge on sister!