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Flannel sheet set / Pom Pom Garland Cream Beige White Gray Cotton & by SheepFarmFelt / Primitives by Kathy Kitchen Tea Towel "Drink Your Wine We Have Crafts... / Home fragrance / Farmhouse Wood Tin 3-Tier Tray / 100% linen sheet set / for the love of letters (@fortheloveshop) • Instagram photos and... / for the love of letters (@fortheloveshop) • Instagram photos and... / for the love of letters (@fortheloveshop) • Instagram photos and... / Textured Pouf

I thought I'd make my Chicken Picked board this month all about the home items I've been drooling over.

Right now I'm obsessing over cute little buntings and garlands for the kids rooms and playroom. I love this neutral felted ball one!

For my birthday my friend Kelly over at Sequins & Scissors got me this kitchen towel! I giggle every time I look at it! I love keeping little random bits of funny around the house...you always have something to smile at that way ;-)

For Christmas my sister/godson got my some scentsy items which I've completely fallen in love with. I'm totally new to this wax melting deal but I'm totally loving the "non-fire" aspect of it with my little kiddies and their curious hands around! hahaha But this scent Skinny Dippin is the most delicious ever!!

I have been crushing on tiered trays like this one for months and months now. I think this might actually be one of my next purchases. I want it for my bathroom counter between our sinks. I can keep my jewelry up high (away from those curious hands. lol) and keep essentials on the bottom. I keep scouring Home Goods and other places and I just can't ever find a three tiered one like this that I love. Either way...tiered trays are the rage and I need in on this madness.

Erin Barrett is a local artist who is da bomb. You guys...she has had sales on zulily, hobby lobby, home goods. Her actual website is fortheloveofletters.com and her work is so heartwarming and unique. I have two of her pieces in my house. Check her out!

Hold on to your britches...you won't believe this. I actually convinced Tom to let me get flannel sheets after 6 1/2 years of marriage! I can't believe it! Flannel sheets were my favorite when I little! I'm so warm and snuggly this winter thanks to my worn down husband who got tired of saying no :-)  ....(he is DYING of heat every night..but I on the other hand am sleeping like a baby.)

This floor pouf/ottoman is crazy cute and fun! If I had room in the playroom I'd so have a couple of those! Anything that colorful just calls out to me.

And back on the sheets topic again....One day in the next year, I want to splurge a little a get some linen sheets. I LOVE the wrinkly look of linen and when I see them in stage photos of bedrooms I always think they look so luxurious. I've already warned Tom of this sheet purchase too. LOL

I could browse online for home items like every single day of my life. I wonder if I'll ever consider my house "done"?

Additionally, I feel like I need to say that I'm jealous of the blizzard up north. I really want to get snowed in for a day or two. I want to drink wine with Tom, watch movies, let the kids just fend for themselves   watch the kids play in harmony   finally bust out some of my snow day survival kit and just not be interrupted by normal daily plans and chores!

....cant a girl dream?????

*** P.S. I wanted to share this piece I stumbled on via Facebook last night.  It's a really great piece and good reminder that we all have strengths, weaknesses, & priorities... and to quit comparing them to others. If you have an extra couple of minutes you should read it HERE.

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