December Recap!

This last month was so much fun and SO BUSY! I tried to keep this explosion to minimum....but this IS my "online scrapbook" soo I def. had to include more than not. Sadly, At least one person in our family was sick at any given point in time the last half of the month but I think we still had wonderful holidays and made plenty of memories!

St. Nick left the family tickets to the circus!! They were completely in awe of it! Nae loved the unicorns and acrobats and Jay was obsessed with the elephants and little dog show! Oh and the popcorn and snow cones were big hits too ;-)

All month we cuddled up for Christmas movies and other seasonal specials on TV. This Peter Pan live play was on and these two were sucked in! 

We tried some cut out cookies. I'm AWFUL at them. This is the best I've ever done. But I'm not showing iced ones on purpose...because between Nae's "creativity" and my plain lack in skill they were nothing to look at. But we had fun. And they tasted delicious. Jay and Nae LOOOOVED cutting them out. (no pic of Jay because he wouldn't hold still when I was trying to take the phot0s)

 Lipstick & girl time during one of Jay's naps! 

There isn't a chance in he** that these two would have happily sat in that box together if I was the one making them. They played with this box for like a whole afternoon one day. And please note that I said they played TOGETHER. Happily. With only one box and two kids that had every potential of getting ugly.
Thank you lord.

One of the best moments of December was the day Tom came home from his LAST MBA class. Whew. Getting your Masters with two small children and full time job is no joke, people! I'm so glad its over. He is so glad its over. We are all so so so proud of him. Huge accomplishment. We had a little surprise party the night he finished with crepe paper, balloons, champagne, and take out from a favorite restaurant. But I wanted to celebrate with his and my parents as well, so I had arranged a time to meet at a restaurant with them so we could surprise him with a signed Andrew Luck football for his office and have a good meal. BUUUUUT Tom decided to get all sick with some crazy 102 fever so sadly that party never happened. But we decided he still deserved the football ;-) lol

Family photo before Christmas Mass. They both insisted on holding a new gift. Craziness....but I wasn't going to retake it or say no because this is who we are today and I want to remember it exactly like this!

Santa came!!!! We started a new tradition this year. We will see if we keep doing this... but Santa used themed gift wrap for each one. I thought it was kinda fun! 

Nae woke us all up at 5:30 in the am running up the stairs screaming that she had already come down to check out the gifts and that Santa had left Jay a giant stuffed Ninja Turtle and a giant stuffed Unicorn for her! YIKES! What a wake up call. And her brother was NOT happy to be woke up that early to say the least.

 My family did an ugly Christmas sweater/shirt theme for our Christmas celebration this year. It was so fun but dang do we look FUGLY! Nae did NOT want to take photos but I think its sorta hilarious and then in the big family photo we only squeeked out two pix before the kids went totally batty on us so my eyes are closed. Oh well.

 Took advantage of Tom's light work schedule over the holidays and went to our favorite donut shop for breakfast and cartoons.

And, because we are super wild party animals, we decided to get a little crazy on NYE...we went to CVS and got the kids passport photos taken! HAHAHAH They really weren't into it. I don't know why exactly.....
And I'm proud to say that each one of us were already asleep by the stroke of midnight. Just the way I like to be on New Years. 


  1. Happy New Year!! Congratulations to your hubby!! High 5!! I am glad that you all are feeling better and had a wonderful holiday!

    My Little Pony has a huge presence in your house, eh? Fun stuff.

    Glad your are back and I hope to be back to blogging soon too! ;)

  2. I am pretty sure that family picture with all it's creations is a record containg that much energy in one small spot and with the last minute run in from Rooster King. We could have gone over like bowling pins! Christmas presents that are 'still giving' EVERYONE in picture has been sick as of todays date. Wouldn't miss a minute of the maddness:-) Salute to Rooster AND to you & the chicks for helping make it happen. I would call that a touchdown !!!