Just popping in today with some fun favorites of ours lately. Some of these aren't "new" for us but haven't shared and felt like they were worth mentioning. I don't know about you other Mama's but I get stuck in ruts and forget about things I/we once loved or I'm always open for fun new suggestions for apps, shows, toy selection etc. Below are few things that have captured our attention in the last few months or so.

Fun Favorites

Janae got the B. Poppy Art beads for Christmas from her Godfather. They really are a huge hit. They are seriously so fun for the whole family. You can make jewelry or she likes to put them together to look like veggies and make a garden. (she is quite imaginative and creative). But wanted to share because we love them as a whole family. We will sit down on living room floor and all of us will play. We are still struggling with Jay trying to steal sissy's "veggies" though. ;-)

GoGurt....not earth shattering or new but we have really come to enjoy these little guys and the kids would probably eat endless amount of yogurt from them if I let them. They almost always want a second one. There are worse things they could be begging me for, right?

Wet Brush. If you have a little girl then you should own one of these. I was introduced to this brush over 5 years ago when I worked in salon. I owned one for clients but I never used on myself until probably a year ago. Nae's hair started get more and more tangly with swimming last summer so I bought her own wet brush. Moms- It makes a world of difference for little girls. Find yourself one asap! I was actually just thinking this may become a new go to gift for little girls days and such in the future!

Crayon Rocks. I got these cuties in a Happy Mommy Box a few months back. First they are cute. Kids like little cute things. (I do too) But they are smoothest writing crayons you will EVER experience. I adore them. I want to order a big full set in the near future. It is an American made product and they have the most vibrant color! Try these guys out!!

Peekaboo Barn is an app that Jay is heads over heels for. Def good for that really young toddler age group. He asks me like 10 times a day for "peekaboo" on the iPad. Its totally cute!

Writing Wizard is one of Janae's favorite apps right now. She has plenty of play apps but this one is FUN plus helps teach the ABC's and writing. You can start with shapes, upper case, lower case, cursive, or words.... It's also so so fun and educational. We love this one!

My First Look & Find Books. These are the CUTEST!! They make them for nearly every show--just google your childs favorite character or show and add on "My first look and find" and chances are you will find it!! My kids are completely obsessed with these books. I think we own 6 of them now. By far their favorites & always pulled on the floor needing picked up at night ;-) Other than have cute vibrant pictures that the kids can just sit an look at, they are a fun interactive book for search for the items on the side plus more advanced activity suggestions in the very back of book! These run around $10...which make them an awesome gift item for birthdays, or easter baskets...or could be a fun family trip to Barnes & Noble to pick one out!! I gave these for Christmas presents this year and have been getting really good reviews! YAY!

And finally, Mama's....I know your with me...some shows are dreadfully annoying to have on. Like pull my hair out annoying. So I'm always excited when the kids get into a show that I think is cute and completely tolerable. We have really been liking Paw Patrol and Little Charmers lately. Both on Nick JR. If you are looking for a variety I would totally suggest these two. 

So those are some current faves in our house!! And one more activity the kids have be LOVING has been littles scavenger hunts. I made up this little "hunt" that if you like feel free to right click the image, save to computer, and print! I have to adjust the tasks according to if Jay is playing or not. But I can tell he learns a lot by even just watching Nae follow the directions and bring me all the things! ( I will warn you mama's this makes quite a pile of random toys to be put away at the end but its worth it....and sometimes I end the game by telling her to help me put it away!)

Hope something inspired you today or gave you an idea to help mix things up a bit! And of course, if you have a fun alternative or great recommendation, comment below and let me know! :-)

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  1. Dorothy has such crazy hair. It's long, fine, and she rubs it into a tangled fuzz in her sleep. I'll have to check out this wet brush!