Meal Planning Sunday!

So I've been telling my good friend Tiffany for a while that she should start a foodie blog because she always has awesome recipes and is making new things! So she agreed to give us some new recipe inspiration... which kind of sparked an idea for me to post a tried and true recipe on Sundays. I cannot commit to every single Sunday but I promise to post new recipes as myself or some of friends/family contributors come across something worth sharing! I decided to do this on Sundays because I meal plan on Sundays and then go to the grocery for the whole week. So it only made sense to make this a Sunday series because thats when it fits into my life and likely other people are also thinking about what they will cook for the coming week! I hope you all find some inspiration and this helps add a little variety into your meal rotations!

Meet Tiffany: 

She and I have been friends for about 8-9 years. We worked at the salon together and became quick friends. The running joke is that Tiffany is always standing in the background when I do something really stupid. And then we giggle together. I don't know how it is even possible... but she was always watching when I fell out of a chair at the salon, or would drop messy color all over the place, or catch me just staring off into space with some bazaar expression on my face. Pretty much if I did anything that made me look like the fool that I am, you can pretty much count on Tiffany standing a few feet away watching it all go down and laughing at me. Since this time Tiffany and I both have had two babies and stopped working and we are both navigating this insane, indescribably crazy life of being mothers together. Like I said above, she loves to try new recipes and I'm always drooling over the things she talks about making or she makes when we get together. She inspires me to try new things...so thats why I've been begging her to share her amazing finds! ;-) So thank you Tiffany! This is going to be my Monday night meal this week! YUM

Skinny Taste Chicken and Asparagus Lemon Stir Fry

Last week in the midst of a polar vortex, I attempted this Lemon Stir Fry. 
It’s what’s for dinner! 

With one minor adjustment, this was delicious.  I felt I needed to add a little more “zip,” so I added 2 tablespoons of Teriyaki Sauce to sweeten the deal.  Per my husband’s request, this is going in the book of rotation for our family.  SCORE! I can say with confidence, I love asparagus with the exception of one small detail and let’s just say…It can be a smelly situation. J

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