Six Things I Said...

Welp...our Colts lost. It was brutal to say the least. Sadly, for my husband I said a few things in the last 24 hours that poured salt in the wound. We all know football season ending is a really hard time in a guys life and all I was trying to do was encourage and uplift him. Sadly, I'm reporting to you today with six things I said that he wasn't fond of.

1. The Colts are really lucky to have you as fan!!

2. I'm going to go ahead to bed since we aren't going to come back from this....but you can come too and watch the rest while I sleep.

3. You did such a good job still supporting our Colts yesterday. (this one was before he went to work this morning)

4. Look at it this way...you just have a whole extra week to prep for Nascar starting next month. How exciting!

5. Who do you think played the worst??? (this might have been the worst one of all.)

6. Babe...I know you hate both teams for the Superbowl, so you DO KNOW you don't HAVE to choose a team, right?? Lets just casually watch this year! (EEEEEEEKKKKKK.... things were icy cold over here)

So thats that. I hope he recovers while at work today and comes home with forgiveness for me and our Colts. In the meantime I guess I better work on my sucking up plan. :-)


  1. Oh my you really should have just disappeared I don't think our guys wanted to hear anything out of our mouth. Poor Colts just didn't get in the game. Son on to next year. Sooooo Super Bowl Sunday maybe have a cook out planned to distract him a little if grill not covered in snow.