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**I'm ALL OVER THE PLACE on here today! hahahaha but if nothing else, just know that this is really how my mind works! HAHAH

statement tee

This month I'm sharing some of my favorite "statement tees" ...I love a good tshirt as much as the next person. A few of these I've shared before but some are newer ones that I have my eyes on. I've been paring tees with this Stella and Dot necklace and earrings because...why not, right? haha Ever since I got these two new pieces of jewelry (or "gorgery" as Nae likes to call it). I just can't stop obsessing over basic tees paired with my new fancies. --But lets pause for a second to talk about how she decided to combine the words gorgeous & jewelry into "gorgery". She absolutely knows the correct term is jewelry so this was a moment of pure word creating brilliance if I may say so myself. (if you know me at all you know I love to make up words) She is sure to go far in life. I've never been more confident in her future. 

Ok back to the tees....So I'm totally digging all these. I just ordered the #shiplap ones for me AND Tom. I plan to make him wear his on the same day as me so we can look super cool together. He is going to be so excited. I just know it. (if you don't know the term shiplap- its basically planked/paneled walls etc. Our island redo project was basically shiplap.
I really REALLY want the home tee and hoping Tom will "surprise" me with it and the "I can't even"....if you are wondering what I mean by "surprise" you should read THIS POST about how I help him make me happy through successful gift giving. (Oh my goodness...as I wrote that sentence I envisioned myself giving a seminar with a handbook about this....wouldn't that be a lovely career?!??! :-)

...Although I feel I should make a disclaimer that gift giving is actually NOT one of main love languages even though that linked post and that statement above may make it seem so. I'm 95% kidding around. I feel the most loved through "quality time"(give me 15 minutes of undivided attention and conversation and your golden!)  and "acts of service" (or you know... embark on a project with me or fill up the gas in the car. I really like that too ;-) ...which is why he needs help with gifts sometimes because he knows not to put a big focus on that to show me love.  Have you all read that book? We did right when we got married almost 8 years ago. I LOVED that book and Tom honestly really liked it too (he listed on dvd on travel) Totally recommend it if you haven't read that one yet with your spouse!

So thats that. Do you all like statement tees? 


  1. #shiplap!!! I love me some Chip and JoJo! Oh, and I totally had a Indiana. "Home" onesie for D when she was littler and it was stinking adorable. ;)

  2. Ahhh! I saw that JoJo had posted these shirts and I want one so bad!

  3. i love that they have a #shiplap t-shirt!! They should. No one even knew what ship lap was before them! I am working on a project that may be getting some ship lap treatment....then I will NEED this t-shirt!! Until then, this t-shirt trend has made me want my own company t-shirt! haha!!! (just have to come up with a design) and my favorite t-shirt at the moment is Jessica N Designs, "I just want to drink coffee and make pretty things!"