Impromptu Tile Project!

The first time we ever walked through this house when we were house hunting, the very first thing I noticed and said out loud was "I hate that fireplace!" I do like the color green but not Hunter green. It stuck out like a sore thumb and I instantly knew it had to go. 
(this photo is also pre-built in shelf project...as I was not warned to take a "before" photo that day. lol)
Fast forward three years... Green tile still in place folks. Why? Because it was one of those "smaller" projects that kept getting pushed aside for bigger projects. I had sorta started to have my blinders on and was avoiding like the plague especially after I realized how much I do not enjoy tiling after doing our backsplash last winter. I think I'm actually going to go so far as to say that I hate tile work. I'm more of a lumber/drill/power tool sort of chick. But still time and time again as we talked through future projects it was always near the first thing we would mention. I should have known it was coming... Tom brought it up over and over again in the last month but I still continued to treat it like we had for the last three years. Sort of just accepting that we weren't going to be tackling that project right now. I accepted that thinking untill two weeks ago on a Saturday morning while we were watching cartoons with the kids..and Tom just got up. Honestly, I didn't even pay attention to where he went but he aparently went to the garage. Next thing I know he comes in with a crowbar/prying bar tool and a hammer and walked immediately over to the fireplace and just started popping off tiles. No exchange of words. No warning. No planning. No supplies on hand for this project. My jaw dropped first. Then, I laughed a little at his impulsiveness... and then was instantly spazzing because we had NO PLAN!! We had not even chosen new tile for crying out loud! I honestly just thought we were going to the library and Target that day. So I quickly scooped the kids up and took them upstairs because I knew it was getting dangerous with broken tile pieces everywhere. 30 minutes later he came up and got me. Grinning ear to ear. And this is what I came down and saw---

(I feel it necessary to note that Janae's reaction was "DAD TORE DOWN THE HOUSE, MOM!!!!" and then promptly grabber toy broom and started to clean up all the mess.)
My stomach flipped... we had a damn hole in our house! Being completely honest I probably panicked for all of about 30 seconds...and then I got a grip because I knew that we could handle this and that this was an easy peasy sheet rock fix. So we loaded up went to Lowes picked out all the new stuff and in about 36 hours later our fireplace was brand new! 

this was the point I started to feel al little relief that things were getting back to a normal state. 
We tiled and grouted at night after the kids went to bed because you can't do these type of projects with the little kids around where they can touch. We were up super late the first night getting all the tile cut & hung.  We actually knocked it out fairly fast because we already knew our roles for this since we had done the backsplash together. I measure, mark, & hang the tile...and Tom cuts the tile. Admittedly I did fall asleep mid-grouting the second night. We kept taking turns applying and wiping (because thats a pretty good arm workout to do all alone) but it seems I might have taken advantage of my turn to rest and just closed my eyes! Hahaha we do still have to finish some caulking around the outer mantel posts' edges and detailing those lines a bit after that...oh! and fixing the log that fell out of place from him removing the old tile.  But I was too excited and couldn't wait any longer to show you guys what we did!

 I still sort of can't believe he just sprung this on me. It was far more impulsive than anything else I've ever seen him do. But, I liked it. I like a little spunk in people :-) Plus, Tom....you gave me good blog material! hahahah

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