January Life Wrap Up + Feb Goals!

So proud of her new bike (her birthday present from Tom & I) She has been riding laps and "decorating" this beaut since she got it! 

 **please pretend Nae's head isn't coming out of Tom's a**!!

Bubs trying some new skills at Nae & cousins joint bday party. Seriously, if you ever had the opportunity to rent a gym for a party, DO IT. It was a total blast!

Girlfriend loved the ziplane at the gym!! Well...until her older cousin "beat her" because he weighs more. LOL #4yearoldproblems

He loves himself some Jay on the reverse camera mode on my phone. LOVES. HIMSELF. I can't complain...I get some adorable mama+son photos this way ;-)

!!SNOW!! Y'all, we love some snow in this house! We are snowman building, sledding, snowball fighting people around here!! We live for snow in the winter!!


With holidays and nearly a month of sickies around these parts we hardly saw anyone but family. So finally by mid month we set some playdates and weekend get togethers.  It was SO NICE to finally to see some friends again and feel like we were all on the mend.

I don't even know what this game is exactly and it seems unreasonable that she can pull him like this but they love this. I've seen this situation at least 4 times lately. It's sorta hilarious. 
So this one time when my sister (who's nearly 5 years older than me) and I were playing outside we made our MINIATURE DACHSHUND pull us in our Radio Flyer Wagon. Like we had her on a leash and tied her to the wagon and MADE her pull BOTH of us through the yard!! If I was old enough to remember then I'd guess I was roughly 4/5/6 ish?? and then that would make my sister somewhere around age 10 give or take. So we were a fair amount of weight in this wagon. Not like two toddlers who weigh nothing. This is complete insanity. Poor Mitzi!! How awful!!?!?!? 
So thats that. hahahahahah

Girlfriend started swim lessons! I'm so proud of her. I can't even help but be that Mom right now. She is a FEARLESS little lady but water is one of the only things she has always been unsure of. She has been so brave and really WANTS to learn. I really admire her ambition even though she clearly has some uncertainty about it. We are heading to the ocean later this spring and she really wants to swim with the dolphins so I think that helps motivate her... but either way, this is her first "activity" other than school that she is dropped on her own without a parent. (We can watch from a parents area) And while we are on the topic of my lil "baby"..I signed the check and dropped it off to her school for next year. "Baby girl" is officially registered for Pre K. <insert me fainting> I made a point to tell both kids to stop growing up at their first birthday and do you see the way they are disobeying me? I'm offended actually.

Meanwhile Jay strips naked a billion times a day. To be honest, it drives to me to the brink every single day. (this is where grape salad AKA wine comes in) We currently put his diapers on backwards so he can't take them off. When he figures out how to get out of them this way we will duct tape them on per his doctors advice. HAHAHAH !!!! He is climber to his very core. He answers "NO!" to everything which we are trying to smile & laugh on the inside only and correct on the outside. He LOOOOVES Bubble Guppies & Paw Patrol, apples (whole, not sliced), and doesn't really like sweets. Except Oreos. Homeboy loves some oreos. No cake though. No ice-cream. I surely brought the wrong child home from the hospital, right???? I thought I had signed up for one of those calm behaved children??!! I guess they mixed up my papers....

We had a fun January and are ready to power through February. And I do mean power through. I generally have issues with Feb. Even though it is the shortest month I feel like it drags on for eleventy billion years.  I start getting a little batty and ready for spring. So while I certainly don't want to wish away time, I do want to just plan some fun activities and keep busy as a family to help make the time not seem to stand still. 

In February I'd like to:

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