JBird & Nugget Spring/Summer Fashion

I want to just say that I'm mad at everyone who designs boy clothes. Well...maybe I'm too picky??!?! I don't know. I hate nearly everything. It's probably me. Ok...it's me. But still. WHY is there so much less cute stuff avail for boys??!?! This is a real issue in my life. (LOLOL) Truly. But here is what I've been having my eye on and starting to make some purchases. I try to always be buying a season ahead because it always happens with a blink of an eye that suddenly weather changes and they must have a short sleeve shirt or shorts at that very moment! ahaha Ok so maybe I'm a little dramatic today.... but I do like to buy slowly and steadily ahead of time so that it doesn't have that much of an impact on the checkbook when the need for a new wardrobe happens to come around...

Jbird style

T shirt / Jersey Baggies / Jem 'I'm Chillin' Graphic T-Shirt (Toddler Boys Little Boys) / Tea Collection 'Sitar Guitars' Graphic Cotton T-Shirt (Toddler Boys... / Burt's Bees Baby Organic Terry Rugby Stripe Board Shorts Toddler Boy / Burt's Bees Baby Organic Tee Toddler Boy / Kids’ Electro II Clog / Orders | zulily / Orders | zulily / Orders | zulily

Ok... girlfriend has developed an opinion about clothes. Which I love on one hand...but on another I sorta am crying inside that she doesn't just willingly let me dress her up the way I'd like anymore. I bought a lot last summer and a little this last fall/winter that she ended up never wearing much because she has such strong preferences. So I'm trying to have her be very involved for this new round of clothes. I'm "preselecting" some items and let her choose two or so from a batch at a time but there are some things I'm just sorta letting her choose all on her own.  I hope this works better. Yes, I realize I'm still trying to control the situation in a round about way...but honestly.... Janae, we can't wear pink & purple polka dot leggings every single day of our life through all four seasons. Ok??? So some of this is on its way to our house and some of it I'm just dreaming of for her next round of selections. (As I type this, I'm realizing I'm the most hyper active annoying Mom ever. But at least I'm owning it. It's just me.)

Nugget Style

Nugget Style by valrose featuring tops

Top / Candy Striper Shorties / printed crop-top jumpsuit / Shayna Girls / Girls Glitter-Graphic Tees / My Little Pony Girls' Graphic Tee / rosette bubble skirt | US Store / rainbow horse graphic tee | US Store / Girls Glitter-Graphic Tees / Orders | zulily

Can you tell girlfriend likes pink?? lol I'm not hating. Obviously if you have read my blog more than one time you know purple is my main love language but I do love some pink as well. Plus honestly, I love that she has her own (strong) opinions and she isn't scared to be herself.

I'd like to end todays post with a segment called "Can you believe this available for purchase?" My sister and I like to send each other photos of the ugliest clothes we come across for our kids so I wanted to share some of what I've encountered here lately. YIKES!


Faux Real Tattoo Biker Tee - Toddler / Faux Real Tattoo Biker Tee - Toddler / Faux Real Tattoo Biker Tee - Toddler / photo-real cat skater dress | US Store / photo-real animal leggings | US Store / Lil Cactus Blue Gingham Bunny Smocked Overalls - Infant & Toddler |... / Babi-Kini White Peace Sign Bikini - Infant, Toddler & Girls | zulily / Lil Cactus Blue Gingham Car Smocked Collar Playsuit - Infant | zulily

1. Please don't screen print teeshirts to look like that bulls**!

2. Little Prairie style is way over. Like 30 frickin years over.

3. Why all the cats? WHYYY????? (honestly, I bet Nae would like that crap if I exposed her to it...but this is why I do my pre-screening process!)

4. I'd probably have a stroke if Nae wore a string bikini (Yes. this is a TODDLER size) ....and one thats design roots back to Woodstock. Hell no.

Now you have seen it all. Happy Hump Day!!

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  1. Hey..I actually like those little boy bubble suits! :)