List #21

1. Tom had one of his most impulsive moments of his life this last weekend. I can't wait to share! (I was completely mad/floored at first..but I'm SUPER HAPPY now!)

2. I can't find ANY of my Blistex chapsticks right now so I've been using one of Nae's purple sparkle lip smackers. I smell like grapes all day.

3. When a food package has a dotted/dash line on it and you cut exactly on that line and then that shit still isn't open, it makes me like completely go postal. Stupid, I know...but it just one of my "things"...

4. I just bought a backpack!  I haven't owned a backpack in nearly 10 years but after reading some tips about flying with little kids it became obvious to me that I will not want to carry a traditional purse. Plus, now I keep thinking about how useful this is going to be for regular life, not just flying. It's cute. I promise. I wasn't gonna go all teenager "Jansport" on you all. If you are lucky I'll post a photo of it when I carry it sometime. ;-)

5. Going in the grocery side of Target kinda irritates me. I have absolutely no reasoning for this. It just does. I much prefer the other side...even if I'm only going in for groceries.

6. I like one cup of coffee almost immediately after waking up. I almost always drink it before I even get ready for the day. I can't drink any more coffee than that or I get that crazy jittery feeling. But I do like to follow up with a Coke a few hours later.

7. We almost never watch a show the night or time that its actually on. We are completely spoiled by DVR. But remember how we used to tape things on video tapes??? I also really want to bring back the floppy disk. For no reason other than the nostalgia of it.

8. I think Valentine's Day is silly. We don't really "celebrate" it. I think its fun with the kids so we do get them little Valentines but Tom and I really haven every gotten into this holiday much. But, we do like to joke that instead of "Valentine's" it is "Val & Tom's" Day. #nerdalert

9. I've been cooking up a storm lately. Trying some new stuff or perfecting some things that my Mom makes that I just can't get right. I'll be back on Sunday with TWO new recipes that were mouth watering delicious that I tried from pins on Pinterest!

10. Oh and while I'm thinking about food. Tom and I have been on a bit of a Ramen binge as of late. Only Chicken flavor of course. The other flavors are filth. He picked some up a few weeks ago after making a smart ass remark to one of our friends who was having us over and asked what type of food we wanted...yada yada yada. What I'm trying to tell ya here is that that crap is sold in the international aisle, per Tom. (I actually don't know that to be fact considering I haven't looked for Ramen in YEARS) But what came to our attention while making Ramen after the kids went to bed last night is that its actually make in California. Sooooo "international" my ass!

So thats that. Really good stuff here today. bahahahahahha Have a good end of the week and weekend! Be back Sunday! ;-)

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