Meal Planning Sunday

Eeek!!! Ok its been a little longer than I planned since my last meal planning post, but today I have two amazing suggestions that I made in the last two weeks. Both were completely awesome and no joke, both kids completely cleaned their plates. WIN! (that is basically my ultimate goal in life at this point. LOL)

This first one I modified a bit, because I didn't have one those sauté express packets at home (which are really amazing btw) ...so I kinda made my own. I sautéed butter, chopped garlic, and Italian seasoning in the skillet before following the rest of the directions. The other thing I added was fresh mozzarella and served over some lettuce! This was a super easy meal and could totally be modified to your liking with vegetables and such! Give it a shot!

Italian Chicken Skillet Dinner

And the second recipe I wanted to share that was a HUGE hit was this Salmon. We love love love salmon in this house. We serve over salad a lot or just with some mashed potatoes and a veggie, but I was really itching to try a new version similar to a dish I had a local restaurant. I was nothing short of completely satisfied with how this turned out. In fact, this was one of those that multiple times during eatting that Tom was like "mmm gosh this is good".. So if you like salmon you gotta give this a shot! I served over white rice and paired it with steamed broccoli!

Sesame Ginger Salmon

So now that you are hungry, click these links for the recipes and make your grocery list!  I promise you won't be disappointed in these two!

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