Monday Motivation

Uggggh it's Monday. I have mixed feelings about Mondays. I HATE HATE HATE watching Tom walk out the door each Monday and knowing that its 5 full days until we really get any good quality time with him again. (Yes, he is here most evenings but if you have little ones or have had in the past you know how busy and chaotic evenings can be)...so that part always sucks. On Mondays I clean my entire house. I vacuum almost immediately after Tom walks out the door and that begins my full day of cleaning. I don't mind cleaning too much but I do really look forward to Monday because I know my house will be sparkling by dinner time. And that I LOVE. I do usually wake up each Monday and feel the same sense of renewal that I feel on New Years Day each year but on a smaller scale. I like feeling like I have a new start. I have a chance to be a better wife, mother, person than last week. A chance to enjoy this week more....to get more accomplished. A chance to make new memories with the kids. So like I said, Mondays sting a little but I love them at the same time. But just like anyone else I need motivation from time to time. I did a post like this a while back and lots of people seemed to really enjoy it so this morning as I took a few minutes to gather myself for the day I was scrolling through my Pinterest board that I pin favorite quotes, funny things, etc on and I just decided that I'd share some of I've pinned recently that I enjoyed re-reading this morning.

And if you need a little help laughing today then I suggest you start googling someecards or go to awkwardfamilyphotos. com That should do the trick.

Happy Monday!!

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