Chicken Picked | Spring Time

Chicken Picked | Spring Time

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Oh la la folks...It's almost spring time! I've been in full spring mode for like 1 1/2 weeks ever since the last of the snow melted. So I felt compelled to make this months Chicken Picked post about all my Spring time loves.

1. I LOVE sitting outside in the sun spring/summer/fall. And occasionally in the winter if the conditions are just right. Fresh air just does my body and mind good. I love to sip a green tea or  take a refreshing glass of water out mixed with either grapefruit or lemon Young Living Essential Oils. Its so crisp and invigorating. I'm also midly obsessed with Tervis tumblers and I've been planning to add some new ones lately and I was browsing and found these fun black lace patterned ones. I think they are a must have! I seriously LOVE Tervis Tumblers. They are awesome for hot or cold drinks. They have awesome lids you can buy ...oooh and the straws are great too! They have a bazillion different patterns and colors to choose from and basically indestructible! lol. So please run, don't walk, and go get yourself some tumblers and give Young Living oils a shot too while your at it. (Although I actually recommend you mix the oils with water in an actual glass cup...It sort of fogged up the finish on one of my tervis tumblers the one time I used that type of cup. I just combined these two on here because they sort of fall in the same category!) We love our oils in our house for various ailments and general feeling good. Maybe someday I'll do a post all about our experience with the oils. (We have been using for more than a half of year now and LOVE)

2. These scallop shorts. OBSESSION. I literally saw and ordered these shorts within a 5 minute window the other week. I knew the second I laid eyes on them that they were must have. I got them, tried them on, loved them. I can't even find the words to express how much I love these shorts. GAH! So friggin cute! Love the fit. Love the dark navy color. I could go on....

3. So I found this light fixture on MAJOR sale --like 60% off on Home Depot (until the 31st in case you are interested) and so I snagged it. I've seen on pinterest a few times to take a light or lamp and just put a solar light(s) in the socket and use them outside so we are gonna give this a shot and hang from our pergola! I just thought these pins were such a good idea and wanted to share in case you are looking for a fun way to spruce up your outdoor living this year! Here are the links that inspired this.

4. Ray Bans. I can say with a lot of certainty that I'll never own some. Tom does and I'm jealous (I actually bought them for him for his bday the other year....and I think I'm trying to live through him lolol) But heres the deal. I seriously have a legit issue with totally being irresponsible with sunglasses. I just can't take care of them. I'm most known for breaking about 2-3 pair a year but the one and only decent pair of sunglasses I've ever owned (they were like $60 sunglasses which is  LOT for someone who sucks at keeping sunglasses safe) I friggin left them in a church pew and didn't realize it until the next day. Never to be found. :-( So per normal I had to run to target to replace my most recently lost sunglasses last week and I had to give myself my inner lecture that maybe someday I could own some Ray Bans if I could get my shit together in life. Dammit. (where the F do I keep "losing" my sunglasses???...I mean I can't believe someone keeps breaking into my house and the only thing they steal are my $12.50 sunglasses. LOL)

5.This new bronzer from Younique is AMAZE! Amaze-fest-USA to be exact. I lurve it. So soft and perfect hue. They have three shades so for all you "Normal" skin toned people--you will love it too!  See I'm nearly translucent over here but the second I go outside each spring all my freckles pop out. (Tom and I are the most freckly people ever and lucky for our kids we married each other so they don't stand a chance in hell of having even toned skin) But anyway...they popped so I got to bust out the bronzer and play up my current skin tone without looking ridiculous. One of my best friends, Tiffany, sells Younique, and has completely converted me! If you are interested in checking out the website you can do so HERE!

6. Spring soaps and scents! One of my favorite seasonal things to do, like many, is switch out my soaps and scents through the house. I've changed all my Scentsy wax burners to springy scents like Luna or Beach and I just went and grabbed some springy loot at Bath and Body Works this week for my hand soaps and my wallflower plug in oil freshners! I'm loving : Beautiful Day, Lush Bamboo Waterfall, Honolulu Sun, & Guava Colada! I'm smitten for their Hawaii collection right now! ...If you have ever been to Hawaii you will be too because they are PERFECT scents! :-)

7. And finally these Sam Eldeman sandals. Again, I'll probably never own. I can't spend the 70 dollar price tag on them but they are beautiful and so soft. (I tried them on for shits and giggles the other day) I almost never spend over 40 on a pair of shoes. I have this really bizarre deal where if I have nice shoes I feel bad to even wear them because the ground is so dirty and I almost feel bad for my shoes. I sound insane right now...But the struggle is real. But if you are someone who can make the splurge on the shoes you should! They are so perfect! And I'm all about nude nude nude this year for shoes. I do have hopes of finding a pair of (much) cheaper nude sandals similar and nude wedges.

Only two more days until its actually spring and we can all rejoice! What has you all thinking spring?

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