Dear Fashion Industry,

I wanted to publicly write all you in the fashion industry a letter here today to express my deepest gratitude that you got your heads out of your behinds and listened to what I've been trying to say for years now...Flared jeans really are the best. I'm so happy that each one of you in charge of the evolution of fashion and trendsetting for upcoming seasons got so tired of stuffing into skinny jeans, then feeling bitchy all day because your freaking calves and ankles are bursting of claustrophobia, only to finally fall down getting banged up and bruised trying to take those jeans off every evening and have finally thrown your hands in the air. I've known in my heart you all would come around and realize that skinny jeans, while a necessity to boot season and rainy days that we don't want our pants dragging, really are the inferior cut of denim. Thank you so much for finally bringing back my beloved flares. I look very forward to being more comfortable and not subjecting myself to injury when I take my pants off in the evening.

Yours truly,
The most brilliant flare jean loving gal ever....Val

P.S. I love this flowy white & crochet top situation we have trending right now. Anyone want to tell me what I can spray all over white shirts to toddler/stain proof them? lol ....but honestly

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  1. Once I get back down to my normal size..it is on with these amazing pants