I like Leggings & Yoga Pants More Than Wine

There I said it. It's true...before I go any further I just want you to know that this is going to be pretty random on here today. Shocking, I know. Lol but my friend/cousin gave up leggings for Lent and I have to say that I think that is the hardest thing I could ever imagine giving up. I'm all about elastic waisted pants. I just can't give it up. I feel angry inside all day when I have on real pants. I on the other hand gave up wine for lent. See, my mind works like this..I was on Nordstrom's website about to order a new pair of yoga leggings this AM and suddenly I was having the comparison in my mind of which I could live without easier for the rest of my life.... and it would absolutely be easier to give up the vino. No joke... If I could really only have one I would totally choose to have leggings/yoga pants. See my obsession with leggings is actually pretty deep-rooted. My cousin's mother back in the 80s would wear stirrup pants with peplum tops and wide belts and I am telling you right now.. I was UUUUB-SESSED with her style. It was everything to me. I looved me some stirrup pants. So theres that.

But to elaborate on lent this year...I gave up wine and I took on this 30 day 200 squat challenge. After Tom finished his MBA he wanted to get back in a good routine of working out because that fell to the wayside while he was so busy finishing his degree over the last year and half..so I've been feeling really inspired by his energy level and dedication to getting more fit over the last few months...I'm not even going to sit here and claim that im also "working out" because that would be a flat out LIE. But I wanted to take lent as an opportunity to make some changes to be more energetic and stronger and overall healthier person. So I eliminated wine and I'm limiting all other alcohol. I've been enjoying green tea in the afternoons...Tom and I have been making smoothies in the mornings...and I have been working on the squat challenge which I am just a few days shy of completing at this point. After this since I plan to start a new challenge of some sort so that I'm always working on strengthening a part of my body and something that's fast that only takes 10 to 15 minutes during Jay's nap every day. This is what type of "exercise" (if it even qualifies as that) is practical in my life right now.  To even attempt to get to a gym for 45 minutes even just a few days of the week at this point my life is not something that works or something that I WANT to make work.  If I'm being honest it's just not that high of a priority to me. Like I said before, I simply just care about feeling stronger and having more energy. I've been really excited about the results from the squat challenge how I'm feeling and change in tone in my legs and tush!  Im thinking ill continue a shorter version of the squat challenge but interlace it some sort of arm challege! But as far as the squat challenge goes-- holy leg burn batman! Dang I was out of shape! Yikes. I have 5 more squat days left not including the rest days so I'm so close I can taste it. Today I do 160 squats so I just have to build up the last 40 squats per day over the next week!

So to put you all out of your misery of reading my nonsense today, Im ending this by saying Im celebrating  my successful squat challenge coming to an end and ordering a new pair of yoga leggings.....

Because leggings will always trump wine.


  1. right now i pick the leggings/yoga pants...pretty much because I am having a hard time wearing much of anything else...*p.s. maternity leggings are my jam!*

  2. I think I would pick wine over leggings, haha! My husband does a no alcohol in January thing. I figure that when we start our family I will have plenty of months where I have to give up wine, so why start now? lol