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 Last month was one of the best Februarys in a LOONNNG time. We stayed really busy as a family and it was awesome. The weather was SUPER COLD!!!!! That part really sucked to be frank but we really cherished every second we were stuck inside and made the most of it instead of just going crazy like normal. We read TONS of books this month. We hit the library nearly every week and usually paired that trip out with coffee and cake pops from Starbucks. The kids are obsessed with the train there and the toys after we pick out books. Over this last month Jay has fallen in LOVE with Thomas the Train and Nae is still going strong with her interests in Sofia, My Little Ponies, and setting up "parties" around the house. She is a PARTY GIRL! Everyday is a holiday in our house. ahahahahah

 Dixie spent most of the month like this when she wasn't playing in the snow.....and it seems more than not anymore these two are usually found side by side playing together these days. I love watching them have each other to play with and have that companionship....although they still are often at each others throats. lol Jay really needs to learn to share to say the least and Nae...well....she is a bit of her Mom and likes things to be "just so" and he is kinda a one man wrecking crew to her perfectly arranged toys/parties/life... We are working on it all.... ;-)

Tom gets Dad of the year award. He brought home fruit and dipping chocolate the night before Valentines Day before his parents were up for the weekend to have a family Valentines activity. It was so thoughtful and sweet. The kids obviously love it...it was a giant mess....but completely worth it :-)

Toms parents watched the kids for a few hours on Valentine's Day while we ran out and had some sushi and wine and got our jump on at Sky Zone. I've been BEGGING him to go with me for like a year but I guess we always kept opting for a relaxing dinner out instead...but since we don't do gifts for holidays etc, I told him that once and for all, I wanted him to take me there. I loved it...but lets just say, Man!!!... Can I tell I've had two kids! I felt like I was going to pee myself 100 billion times and my core felt so weak! I think I need to work on those belly muscles!  But seriously had so much fun. We both want to go back!

Girly girl powered through swim lessons and has made some huge strides in her "unsureness" of water...That was a huge highlight this month to watch! She did come down with a little ear infection but not much holds her back these days. She is a feisty gal. I love how much she loves life.

Tom and I are at odds about this jumping thing....I say no way...Tom took the doctors suggestion last fall to the let the kids burn their energy this winter any way possible... even through jumping and he ran with it. Tom is a playful rowdy Dad which makes this Mama a little nervous at times but I do appreciate his energy and vibe he brings to the family.  I'm trying to lay low and just pick my battles. I realized fast I was losing the fight so I kinda threw my hands in the air on this one. Well....only with Dad is home. Its a firm NO when its only Mama! I do like to just listen to the laughter from another room and not see this madness go down.

I needed out BAD one week while Nae was at school so Jay and I hit the mall for the play area with Jay,  Coffee, & some Bath and Body Works springy smell goods. We enjoyed some fries at the food court and it was just what this Mama and boy needed.
Oh and then Dixie was still like this:

Tom snapped this one night before bed. Every night right now Jay cries a little when we take him from booking reading in Sissys bed to his room. Every single night he says "cuddle"..."sleepy" and will get under covers and snuggle up to her. It's adorable and sorta breaks my heart to separate them but I KNOW they are totally not ready to have sleepovers yet. And Dixie....Oh Dixie...

We made some flubber out of my Snow Day Survival kit and it was a HIT!! More of a hit than I expected for sure! I might have playing with it myself a few times too. ahhahha Im totally a kid at heart. Meanwhile, Dixie...

This last weekends library trip--

 And this was just too cute not to share. Every. Single. Day. Jay waits for his Daddy to come home from work right here. Tom always calls me and Jay always has to say hi on the phone...then he promptly goes and waits right here for his favorite superhero's arrival.

On to March... We began the month with like 9 inches of snow this weekend. Dang that was a son a b**** to shovel! We had planned to buy a snowblower this year but never pulled the trigger and had been fine until this last weekend. DAAAAMMMNN!  But its beautiful....and we always love a day of sledding and snowman building.

I really hope March brings the first glimpse of spring. Last year it was not... but I'm so hopeful this year. I made it out of Feb. without going bat shit crazy so I just keep praying we move into greener pastures quickly! All we need is some 40/50 degree weather to get some outdoor projects under way.

In March I hope to:

Happy March to you all. Lets all channel our Spring time vibes and surely it will come...right?

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