Life Lately...

Last month things did NOT go according to plan. From a last minute snow storm to start the month throwing off travel and project plans to major sickies...myself included :-( BUT...we still managed to make the very best of it all had some really great days while quarantined at home half the month. I think the photos speak for themselves that things still turned out pretty darn good! We still managed to have some friends in town for the weekend (whose little girl is very close in age to Jay so they had a whirlwind romance deeply rooted with "Choo-choos") and make a trip back home to see both sets of grandparents!

I'm certain this my favorite photo of any two children ever. There is nothing about this that isn't "perfect."

A surprise school pick up from Dad followed by a fun family lunch date was certainly the highlight of her entire week. He definitely won some major daddy points on this one.


We finished this month out with sleepovers with cousins, eating some of our favorite local food, auctions, getting to see our best friends for the second week in a row, and lots of love, laughter, and snuggles from their grandparents. Only to head back and do a lot of it over again this coming weekend for Easter!

We were in town for TWO family estate auctions. One on Tom's side and another is my grandparents farm/estate is being auctioned. The kids climbed all over, blew kisses at all the piggies, and hopped on the tractors...Poppy even started one up for them. I think if it wasn't for the bitter cold wind, we probably could have stayed out there all day.

My hopes/dreams/goals for April are:

1. Actually really reorganizing the garage. **We failed to accomplish this last month due to some sudden bad weather days when we planned to work on it :-(

2. Make a few trips to the zoo. Having a season pass is really one of our favorite family entertainment investments. I love the exercise we all get walking the zoo. I love the fun conversations that stem from being in a place like that. And, it really never gets old seeing the animals and each time we go we usually let them do one "extra"... (carousel,  train, dippin' dots, splash pad, the butterflies etc) I get so bummed each fall/winter when we can't really go.

3. Educate myself a bit more on floral landscape. And then execute. Right now we really only have greens in the front and back of our house but I'd love to see more color this year. Landscaping is not something that interests me a whole heck of a lot, so I really want to try to learn more and do my best to freshen things up this year.

4. With the nicer weather try some new grilled recipes! Grilling is fun to me because it usually means Tom and I are working together to prepare a meal instead of only me. I like the team effort with getting the whole family involved to make a beautiful dinner.

*Not sure if anyone is keeping track... but Easter is this Sunday. Which means I can drink wine again. I'm already doing a little happy dance in my head! ;-) Oh and my cousin can wear leggings again. Bless her heart.


  1. Hooray for the wine! Do you have a special bottle that you are planning to crack open?

  2. I for one am looking forward to the end of all the sickness for all of us. I today realized old Mother Hen was at Dr. office in Jan, Feb & March for different infections. Seriously????? I think we all are due some sunshine play time. I'm thinking azaleas near front door????

  3. I am a big fan of daylilies - a shot of color, but they fit in well with most green. I have mine scattered among hosta beds. I do not have a green thumb, but these are easy and keep coming back, year after year!