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I'm having one of those heavy hearted mommy days...both of my babies are sick. :-( One with stomach yuck and another with alarmingly high temps. You know how it is...us Mama's are quite possibly more upset about our babies being sick than they are themselves. I'm always so sad when they don't feel good and I'd do anything to take it away from them. But I can't so I say a prayer that God watches over them and gives me good Mama instincts instead. So in place of my typical school run and laundry I do on Tuesdays we ran to the doctor and got overall good checks with negative flu tests, lungs, ears, and throats...Seems like just some yucky virus that will hopefully pass quickly. We have cuddled inside today, attempting naps, & watching some Tinkerbell while playing "campfire" .... and just me loving on them in the my most annoying clingy Mom way possible ;-) Before I finally get up and start my dishes and laundry I felt like today I should share my next Mama Style post.

This month I thought I'd share some of my favorite Mom bloggers and what it is about them that keeps me reading their blogs and how they inspire me! Who would have ever thought that the "mom blogger" niche was then subcategorized by their blog material in my brain?! hahahaha Did that even make sense?!? Listen...this daylight savings time stuff + sick kids....ok ok...I'm kidding about that too! I actually don't ever see the big deal with the time change and don't know why everyone is getting their panties in a wad. Moving on...(I clearly lack focus today) Ok so this post will be kinda short and sweet and just hope that maybe it points any fellow mamas in a direction that they feel they would like support or inspiration!

My favorite bloggy Mamas are :

Crafty Texas Girls. Samantha is incredibly family focused and devoted to enjoying the youth of her children. I'm always inspired by how she is so involved with her children's school and sports programs...and seems to be very helpful with planning fun activities at her church. Her focus and priorities give me ideas of what I want to emulate as my children get older and move into that school age stage of life.  As a family they take adventurous/active trips and quick getaways that I love seeing on her Instagram. Seeing families like hers be active, going new places, and trying new things always inspires me to step out my daily comfort zones and spice things up.

The Busy Budgeting Mama. I love Natalie from TBBM because she is so willing to be honest about everyday life but completely uplifting and encouraging. She shares her battles and her victories and doesn't ever claim to have the answers. (though she has some amazing ideas and creative solutions to many things "motherhood") When I read along I feel as though she just wants us all to hold each others hands instead of adding to this "who is doing it better" competition that can come out of Mamas around the world. She makes you feel like its ok if today you sucked at something but at the same time giving you a pat on the back for being amazing. I could say this about a lot of mom bloggers but for me its something about the eloquence of her writing and gentleness towards other Moms. Her blog is always a good read for a pep talk & creative mothering solutions

House of Rose & Marriage More. Mandy is the author of House of Rose and her & her husband together write Marriage More. I fell in love with House of Rose years ago for her decor aesthetic and have stuck around since. They recently relaunched their joint blog Dollars & Roses website and it is now Marriage More. Out of curiosity I began reading it here and there to see what it was all about and I have to say that the world needs more Mandys and Jeffs.  More people who value marriage and want to work that hard at it. Tom and I haven't been following all their challenges but I have enjoyed reading their blog and have had some light bulbs go off about why Tom and I thrive together ....but also have been inspired to try harder in other areas of marriage and have loved their ways to do it. I'm ALWAYS up for any avenue to grow my relationship with Tom...after all, we all get older and life changes so marriage has to be an evolution but maintaining strong roots. I very strongly believe marriage is number 1. (after God, of course) Working every single day to keep a happy solid marriage is only a domino effect for the entire family. Which is why I included this on a "mom" themed post.  I've really enjoyed seeing what they are doing with their newly rebranded site and wanted to share because it ties into an important part of MY Mama Style.
 **I want to note that there are so many single mothers and fathers out there who are doing a beautiful job parenting and whose children are thriving amazingly.... and I would never want to insinuate that you aren't giving your children a good family life.  All families look different and today I'm only referring to mine and where I draw my inspiration from. Everyone certainly has a different walk in life and we can all only work hard at the hand we have in front of us! So to all of you who are filling both the Mom and Dad roles to your children, I say BRAVO!**

Momfessionals. I love reading Andrea's blog for many reasons.. I love her humor and authenticity about life with three young kids...but most of all I love her philosophy of being a "yes Mom" that she strives for daily. I can honestly say her sharing her "yes mom" thinking has truly influenced the way I handle daily life. You can read her explanation about it HERE. It doesn't mean that I don't have boundaries and rules because we certainly do..but it about asking your self as a mom "why not??" when my first reaction is to say no. If I don't have a good reason then I should probably say yes....and news flash!!--Me being tired or needing to start dinner aren't usually good reasons. Dinner can be 5 minutes late this time.

So those would be my top four blogging Mama's who I feel have impacted my Mom Style in the last couple years. There are certainly many more moms in my real life and yet still on blogs who I admire and draw inspiration from. But, I shared these today because I could link them for you to read and see for yourself! And please by all means if you all have some good reads yourselves I'd love to know your favorites!

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