Man Cave (A.K.A. Fam-Cave)

Technically the basement is designed and geared towards Tom making it a "man cave" but lets be honest...we have two kids who have a billion toys that scatter over the entire house and who have more energy then we know what to do with...so we sadly can't dedicate this entire space to Tom. I like to call it the "Fam-Cave"...but he isn't a fan. lol Ok so before the basement was just an off white almost "just primer" look...(it really could have been just primer since the previous owners finished this basement out on their own). The previous owners used this space for this pool table/bar area and it really was a true MAN cave. No signs of kids or females were present before. It had this built-in bar and then the bar under TV were a terrible dark wood shade... and just really closed in the small basement. Behind the bar we had this "L" shape desk that butted up to the bar. We wanted to open the space up by taking bar out and lighting the whole entire space through fresh paint! Taking the bar out and constucting the built in double desk was probably the best thing we did down there. It made our basement feel twice as large.  I never take actual before photos because I just get to excited to dig in and then always remember too late. I did dig up this photo that shows the color of that woodwork previously in basement and that is the top of this bar we tore out!

But here are some snapshots from the update process.

Girlfriend LOVES to help paint when we have those types of projects going on! 

That damn bar was seriously pieced together with tons of tiny pieces of wood and then drilled through carpet and attached to concrete and so secured to the wall that it totally tore out some of the drywall. Don't even get Tom started on how hard it was to take out what we thought was a "simple bar"....Things got intense. lol

So we bought stock bottom cabinets and then topped with wood. Right now you will see they are still raw. We either need to seal them or paint white. And depending on what day you talk to me I'll tell you a different decision...which is why nothing has happened yet.

And here are my "after" photos. (please have mercy on my photography....basements are HARD to get nice photos since we don't have any natural light down there. eek!)

We have hopes and dreams of getting a sectional down here in the next year or so. 
We planked that wall together with cedar. I LOVED that project. Super duper LOVED it! It was my first experiences with both the miter saw and the nail gun. Tom and I busted that wall out in just 2 hours! 
This piece we made years ago... and you can read that insane story about it HERE.

 "Father & Son"

 Tom's beloved 47 inch, record player, PS3, and finally his obnoxiously large keg tap. This is probably his favorite spot of the entire house. lol That bar shelf was previously the same dark depressing wood that we just painted white.

 Between the end of desk and that post is where the awful bar was. Now its so open and much more useable space! Before when the bar was there it almost made that entry area by the bottom of stairs dead space because it wasn't large enough to do anything so by opening its all one large room down there now!

And because I always like to keep it real..I'm going to be honest and tell you I had to put Jay down to nap, give Nae the iPad and pick up crap down there for like 30 minutes before I could even take these photos...because usually this place looks like this:

But thats why we love the "fam-cave"... because we can just shut the door and ignore the mess that I assure you meant the kids had a fun time time down there. ;-)

Winter has finally broken so we are spending every second we can outside....preparing and planning some new landscaping, starting to think about our garden for this summer, cleaning up in general, riding bikes, jumping in puddles...getting our lawn fertilized and ready to thrive this spring...plus Tom is mid build on an outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace has been a dream of his since we first bought our old house and this year I finally said DO IT. Once things are settled down and done I'm sure I'll post about that. Other than that we really have a GIANT job ahead of us needing to seal our pergola, play set, shed before all the pretty cedar turns brown. Anyone want to come do this for me??? I'll give u free beer! hahahahahahhahah Honestly....hold me. I couldn't be dreading this more.

Ok my friends, thats all for today.  Hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather! XO


  1. LOVE! That wall! That desk! The father & son guitar! Seriously, I'm swooning over here. Great job!

  2. omg! huge difference and I love it!!! That bar was huge before and now the room is OS much bigger!...great job! I love love love the planked wall (*gives me ideas for the babies rom...hmmmmmm...*.......since you know how to use a miter saw maybe you can help me install some flooring....i desperately wanna get rid of the carpet & vinyl in our living area.....anyways...I'm talking to you in this comment like tis a text...bahahaha

  3. why are there so many spelling errors in my previous comment?!?!??!!

  4. This turned out great! We just moved into our new house and are planning to finish the basement and turn it into a man cave. We lost the old man cave in the flood at our old rental house. I love you you maximized the workspace. I want to put a wine closet under the stairs in ours and then the rest can be all man cave, haha!