Planked Laundry Room || Guest Post from Chicken Strips

I LITERALLY "can't even" over this amazing redo. Ok so my brother and sister-n-law's laundry space is sort of situated in a hallway off their kitchen. It previously had those bifold doors that closed off the space but being a hallway they found them always open, taking up valuable room, and exposing all their "dirty laundry."  Listen... They have FOUR children so any fellow mom knows she does laundry like its her job...ok, well I guess it kinda is. What I'm trying to say is she so deserved a beautiful space.  So Chicken Strips mind reels with ideas just like mine when it comes to this stuff so she and my brother dreamt up this beautiful redo for their laundry area. They removed those doors to start, making this a permanently exposed area to anyone in the hallway.  I mean its so perfect. Love love love what they did....because well it involves a planked wall and we all know I may have a bit of obsession with planking/shiplap.

So here is the before:

and After:

The planking is cedar from a closet her dad had torn apart and the shelves are new cedar just purchased at the hardware store. 

I mean, stop. it. right. now! What an amazing low budget DIY transformation! I'd be so proud to have that space completely exposed! And honestly...am I the only person who gets a tiny bit more excited to do chores if its in a pretty space like this?? I feel like now I need to up my game in my laundry room. ("fun" fact: Ironing is my LEAST favorite chore. I tried a new ironing board cover and still didn't get me excited. lol)

She wants to get a few new decorative containers for the laundry soaps etc but hasn't found the right things yet and I was only completely breathing down her neck to let me post her laundry room! ;-) 

Beautiful job, you guys! Thanks for letting me share and inspire everyone else to pretty up their laundry space. :-)

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  1. love it!!!!! looks so amazing! i really wanna jump on this planked wall bandwagon!