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Woah. It's the 13th of April and I'm still not used to it being April yet.  So anyway, its time for my monthly favorites & wishlist!

1. The Infinite Shine by OPI is AMAZING! I just got a couple bottles and I love the shine. I'm sorry to all you "matte" lovers but after working in the salon and chemicals stripping my shiny topcoat, I'll just never be on board with "matte".  It just reminds me of my hairstylist hands during those years. lol So this super shiney was the bomb dot com to me and I LOVE all the shades! Super vibrant!! Go getcha some!

2. The Core Fusion Barre Basics DVD I purchased an entire year ago and I did it for like 2 weeks last year and totally fell off the bandwagon. But after rounding in on 3 months into my mini "workouts" (I giggle even calling them that. lol) I have been weaving these quick 10 minute programs into my weekly schedule. I loved this dvd when I bought but I'm loving it even more. It gives a GREAT little workout and fast! I love that it targets muscles so differently than traditional exercises. Plus its relaxed and doesn't make me feel like I'm gonna die the entire time. I highly recommend it if you are looking for something quick and simple to do at home that doesn't require equipment!

3. Speaking of working out....Ok so remember a while back when I was shooting my mouth off over leggings being better than wine...well these one of two pairs of Zella cropped yoga leggings I have purchased from Nordstrom. I will say right away they are pricey. Much more than I'd typically spend but after reading rave reviews on some of my favorite blogs I wanted to try. And here is why...Last two times I ordered my favorite cropped leggings from Victorias Secret both pair had seam unravel after just one wear. Not cool. And when I've bought the super cheapy cheaps from Target or boutiques they always pill. I HATE how after just a couple wears all those little balls are all over make them look old. So I bit the bullet and tried these leggings. So far I LOVE them. They are super comfy and fit great. I love all the colors and designs you can choose from if you want some pizazz. Side note: They are called their "live in legging" which says it all right there. ;-)

4. I'm completely crushing on beaded tassel necklaces this season. They are two that I have my eye on from accessory concierge. I think these would make awesome Mothers Day gifts...(HINT HINT, TOM! --or granite countertops...ya know, whatever works. Love you!)

5. The Love Dare Daily Devotional for Couples is something we just started last week but are loving.  We pray every day as a family and we really enjoy reading Jesus Calling and The Word Among Us individually but we wanted to find something we can spend a few minutes together daily reading, reflecting, and growing. So far we really have liked this, which I expected since I've heard so much about the original The Love Dare. The devotional has extra challenges and such that some could really take much more seriously but we are def. reading it more casually as of now.

6. This Michael Kors crossbody bag is way too cute. I'm totally dreaming of it. Im certain I won't buy it though. I need the price to be half of what it is. But either way, I'm on the hunt for a fun summer crossbody!

7. These pink Sketchers Go Walk shoes are so friggin comfy. They aren't exactly the most trendy but they are super practical for zoo trips and playing outside. I bought them for our vacations this year but I've been wearing them a LOT already. They come in TONS of colors!

8. And last Tom and I HEART these Neuro brand drinks! They are so crisp and refreshing. They have them for immunity, stress, sleep, energy. Try them!

Anything catching your attention these days that I "need" to know about?? lol

Finally I wanted to just quickly share a foodie contest that Green Bean Delivery has going on...You all know how much I love our Green Bean Delivery so I wanted to share for anyone who might want to participate! There are some fun prizes and money to Green Bean which equals FREE FOOD y'all! So you can click here to view details if you are interested!

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  1. I LOVE my Zella leggings! I only have one pair but they are perfect for yoga and anything else! I really want to get more and will probably stock up during the anniversary sale this year. I want to get these ones right now though: http://shop.nordstrom.com/s/zella-scroll-print-capris/3808652?origin=category