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**This is a sponsored post. I did receive discounted goods in exchange for my honest review.  All photos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

I was asked to check out a couple of new local spots and I jumped at the opportunity. I have a deep rooted passion about shopping local and supporting businesses right here in my community. For any Indy locals you know all about the amazing the new Ironworks building at Keystone with the northside Ruth's Chris moved in. Since it's opening last fall two new high end spots have opened and I checked them out for you! Today I'm featuring the upscale boutique Profyle and tomorrow I'll be back featuring the luxurious Vogue Nail Spa. It was a total treat to spend last Saturday checking them out! .

Profyle is a women's high end boutique featuring some local designers and exclusive high end designs. Every single piece I touched I instantly felt the difference from your run of the mill garment and what Profyle holds its standards too. The boutique was full of super chic dresses, skirts, tops, & accessories. Classy but with edge. I LOVED IT.

It so completely spoke to my hairstylist wardrobe heart. Lots of classic black with bold pops of color and patterns. Cutting edge silhouettes and detailing. I brought home two tops but I wanted so much more. (can someone invite to a black tie even soon so I can go buy a dress??)

I walked in right after they had just hosted a private shopping event and place was still completely organized. I was impressed to say the least. I know how disheveled things get in stores/shops/salons etc when a zillion people walk through. (Have I ever mentioned on here that I worked at Forever 21 for like ONE hot minute of one single night when I was in beauty school 10 years ago and never went back because my OCD nature almost had a stroke over the catastrophic mess that place was?!?!)  And, as a mother that they have this area near the dressing rooms which is 100% kid friendly. Not many places have a tv where they will turn on a children's show and have a little activity wall in eye and ear shot so that Mama can get her style on! Profyle wins all the Mama points.

As I was asking about their private shopping event the (incredibly friendly, knowledgable and enthusiastic) store manager was telling me they often serve champagne and sushi...I basically almost melted and died of starvation at that point. Seriously...someone plan a private party so I can come shop and eat sushi and drink champagne while my kids play.  LOL.... But seriously ;-)

A detail of the actual shop itself that I adored was this wall that said "be you." While I think borrowing ideas here and there from people about fashion or beauty or ANY aspect of life is perfectly fine and generally encouraged, I'm the biggest believer in just doing YOU.  Be CONFIDENT in who you are...your style...your hobbies...your lifestyle. Take pride in yourself and celebrate YOU. It was just a really bold message and I felt like that among many other details is what made this high end/exclusive boutique not come across "stuffy" and instead was inviting and encouraging. Read the owner Wandini's mission statement HERE.

Listen ladies. If you haven't already checked this place out. Profyle a beautiful addition to Indianapolis. It has a different vibe and I have to say I loved it!! Print this review and show the coupon code: PERKS125 for 10% your next purchase at Profyle!

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