Spring Fresh

Welcome to my newly spruced up blog! After two years of my adorable vibrant design I wanted to see it spruced up and a little bit more crisp! Which was perfect timing for todays post about spring cleaning & our update outdoor living space.

We have been in full force spring refreshening our outdoor space for at least the 6weeks. During any month where temperatures are above 50 you can assume that we are outside the majority of the day. So for us prepping and having a really comfortable outdoor space is as important as working on the inside of the house! Ive briefly mentioned on here and through instagram some projects we have worked on but I wanted to share our updated outdoor space. Last year we spent a lot on new furnishings, adding our pergola and working on tearing out some ugly landscaping and prepping for the second part of our outdoor spruce up this year.

Nae's fairy garden. She picked her flowers and takes care of watering them!
clearance chandeliers that we snipped the wiring and sockets off of and gorilla glued solar lights on.  

The biggest change we have made since last year was adding our fireplace. Now that we have it, I 100% love it. But honestly that was an item on Tom's wishlist. He has wanted a fireplace outdoors since we bought our first house and talked about it every year since we moved here. We really had some other projects prioritized in front of the fireplace but after our pergola addition he finally convinced me that it would finish the space out to add the fireplace.  Im so glad I conceded because it has been worth every penny. We  Tom saved us half the cost by tackling the entire installation himself. We so so so love the outcome. It is rather large (much larger than we initially planned to have) but when we found a shape and material we liked in a DIY kit that was also in our price range we sort of just went with it. We don't have any actual architecture to the back of our house so the size of this does add a nice element to the back elevation of our house!  We spend so many nights roasting marshmallows with the kids and then just cuddling under blankets after they are in bed in front of fire with a glass of vino. After what feels like a lifetime through the winter of being stuck inside its so awesome to spend the evenings outside even when its not that warm yet.

Since the fireplace build project we have been crossing many small tid bits off our list.. Flowers, general cleaning, and trimming up. I honestly love it. I love the outdoor chores 95% of the time. Its no secret that Im a busy body to a fault at times but something about being outside in the fresh air makes me feel like Im relaxing even when piddling around the house. And I feel like the quality time as a family is second to none when outdoors. Phones are out of reach, tv off... Kids are exploring and learning.

roasting left over Easter "Peeps" for Peep smores!

Sometimes I know its hard to get out of the lazy winter rut so I put together a Spring Refresher suggestion list for anyone who needs a little boost to get outdoors :-)

What is on your Spring Cleaning list?


  1. Love the new blog design! I'm on my way to a 2.0 version too... if I can ever get my husband to help me. Did I mention he's a designer? Ugh. Also, your outdoor area is AMAZING. Are you for hire? ;)

  2. I just stopped by to catch up on some posts and LOVE the new design! It looks great! I love the pergola, we didn't end up getting one this time around but I definitely think we will have one in the future...someday.