Vogue Nail Spa

**This is a sponsored post. I did receive discounted goods in exchange for my honest review.  All photos, thoughts, and opinions are my own.

As I mentioned yesterday I also checked out a new high end nail spa that I wanted to share with you all today. Sandwiched between Ruth's Chris and Profyle (that I wrote about yesterday) is the AMAZING Vogue Nail Spa. Let's just say if you have read my blog for longer than this post  you know I love a planked wall....

aaannndd welcome to Vogue Nail Spa my friends. #swoon It caught my eye before I even walked in the place. I felt at home instantly ;-) Ok, but seriously...every single nook and cranny was not only completely tidy and CLEAN but it was so classy and luxurious. From all the tufting and crisp white (which is a HARD color to keep clean in the beauty industry...take it from someone who worked in a salon for many years) to the easy calm environment. It was a class act. There were no nail technicians talking back and forth across the place to one another like many other nail spas that I've been to before. The receptionist was on point as well. She made many efforts to come ask me if I needed a beverage as well as helped me narrow down some shades of pink and glitter for my pedicure. Again, coming from my roots being in the beauty industry, I REALLY appreciated her efforts to go above and beyond and not just sit at "the desk" as a receptionist.

The place was CLEAN. Have I mentioned that yet? lol It's just a really big deal that salons and spas are sanitary. From disposable bowl liners in every single pedi bowl... to not a spot of built up grim. Lets just say I could take a deep relaxing breath and close my eyes to enjoy Sue's (the owner) massage. 
*"Fun" fact...a foot rub is my FAVORITE. I think it stems back to how bad my feet hurt ALL. THE. TIME. when I worked behind the chair

To get down to the nitty gritty details-- they are a full service nail spa. From basic mani & pedi's to hot stone, paraffin dips, gel nails and more. All using amazing products from OPI, Morgan Taylor, Butter, Zoya -- (for those looking for a natural chemical free alternative), and more. 

It was more than and enjoyable experience to go check Vogue out, get a little pamper action, and hang my "mom" badge up for a hot minute. We gotta treat ourselves sometimes, ya know? I already booked a pre-Mexico pedicure for next month! Vogue Nail Spa is for sure my new spot!

Once I got back home and put my "mom jeans" back on, Nae was all like "MOOOOOOMMMMM...I  want FABULOUS nails too!!!" So I happily obliged. I set up a little make shift nail spa for my girl. She LOVED it. I havent taken her for her first pedi yet so it was super exciting for her!

So I'll just leave you all today with a "Happy Friday"!!! ... It's the weekend and officially sandal season! So go get those toesies (and fingers to match) done at Vogue Nail Spa! Use the code: PERKS125 for 10% off (print this review to provide coupon code!)

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