Cabo || Family Photos

My parents who own a timeshare in Cabo invited us all down to vacation with them this year. Unfortunately, my brother, his wife, & 4 children couldn't come because the older two are still in school.  :-( So this "family" photo is 6 people short!

Ok so we were a little squinty....I literally think the morning we took photos was the brightest morning EVER. lol

my little mermaid
and my little beach boy.

What I really want to know is how and why that cute face is turning 2 in just over a month? I have specifically mentioned multiple times to these kids that growing up in NOT allowed. PS. This hat on him is everything.

I have a family photo rule: If the majority of us look ok then the photos is good. As much as these two kids are movers and  shakers I don't ever expect a "perfect" photo. 

quite possibly might become our new canvas in our living room. It's basically "us". Jay said "adios" to that boring photo session and Nae was just as squirmy as ever. This is the current season we are in as a family captured perfectly by our photographer.

her sweet face...it's safe to say Mexico/the beach was her jam! This my favorite shot of her. I love how is perfectly captures her carefree spirit!

3 generations of girls! (there is a girl in my sissy's belly too! eeeeeeek!!!! :-)


  1. Um, need more info on your outfit. Super adorable!

  2. My lovely family. . . what more can I say. We really need to get Jason and fmily here next time to make this a full blown circus! I love that our resort Royal Solaris is family oriented and kids are free to be kids and yet give Mom & Dad peace of mind knowing everyone is safe. Everyone looking out for your well being and good time!