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Summertime pt1
Um so Memorial Day is nearly here which means SWIM SEASON!!!!! I grew up with a pool and then moved into apartments where I would spend summers at the pool and now our house backs up to an amazing swim club...so swim season is something I LOVE. I'm not a pool junkie though. You won't find me spending all day laying at the pool. I can't take the sun (and lets be honest...I do get bored after a while. ) but I ADORE the water and the summer activity! But I always get to thinking about my skin a LOT this time of year. Hello! I'm nearly the whitest person in America over here ;-) Sadly, I'm one those who burns and doesn't tan real well. Its a real shame but luckily it forces me to protect myself and to take the sun in small reasonable doses. Anyways, today I wanted to share some of my summer picks...

1. I'm jumping to the number one most important which is these puddle jumper life vests for my babies. Honestly. Until they are excellent independent swimmers, testing out of all categories at swim lessons,  I WILL be making them wear these if they are not going to be in the water with my undivided attention. (I'm talking about the actual pool, not splash pad/ calf high kiddie pools.) I love the way these fit and offer lots of flexibility but don't crawl up their shoulder neck area like a traditional vest.  I feel like they still have a great range of movement and can practice skills and most importantly have FUN with these.

2. Exfolikate by Kate Somerville is so amazing. I received a sample of this last month with an order from Nordstrom. It was AWESOME! I was actually scared to use it because I use prescription creams both morning and night for my face which are kind of like a chemical peel in a bottle.  But I was able to squeak two uses out of sample and my skin was amazing afterwards! Had a great glow, SO smooth, and didn't cause me to breakout! It is not cheap, but I def have this on my wish-list to purchase soon!

3. Coconut oil is so amazing for TONS of reasons. Cook with it, moisturize with it, mix with some brown sugar or coffee grounds and exfoliate your body with it, mix your essential oils with it. Its a total go to for me. I LOVE using this all over my body once a week or so for its amazing moisturizing qualities. I have to say I don't like the smell of coconut but its fairly mild and the benefits out weigh the smell for me. But through the summer, on those days you spend in the sun, I LOVE to give my skin a good drink of moisture. This does it!

4. Sheer Cotton & Lemonade body scrub from Bath and Body Works. YUM. One of my very favorite scents from BBW has always been their "cotton" scents. I've been obsessed for years. I was in picking up my plug in refills last week and spotted this new product! I grabbed this scrub and its so delicious. My skin feels so awesome and the smell seriously is so fresh and mouth watering!

5. A good beach hat. Gotta have one! Not only are they completely fabulous & fashionable but it protects that beautiful face of yours! Lets protect our skin ladies!! Mama's face has a good 70 + years to go if I'm gonna live to be 100 or more ;-)

6. Speaking of my face that I'm trying to not destroy too bad... this Elta MD skincare is a tinted moisturizer with SPF. One of the first things my dermatologist told me when I started seeing her 1 1/2 years ago was to stop using ANY makeup products on my face with SPF. It clogs our pores. I threw everything away and bought all new makeup without it. NOT easy to find by the way. (look for moisturizers, loose powders, and bb creams) But honestly my skin is SO MUCH better from that change alone. Sadly, we can't always get away with no protection on our faces...she suggested this product and I grabbed it up. I have used enough to say that it doesn't seem to bother my skin so thats a huge WIN! I like that it does have a tad of color to give you a nice glow but its super lightweight. Who wants to wear makeup to the pool anyway??

7. My final summer skincare must have is Aquaphor. Although we actually use this year round for mine and the kids sensitive eczema prone skin...it is so awesome had rehydrating your skin. It IS rather oily so I usually put on clothes that I don't mind it touching afterwards but I really believe in this stuff. It will cut any sort of sunburn pain in half if not more. You can pretty much assume that most of the summer I'll be rotating between Coconut oil and Aquaphor nearly every day.

I've got a few new sunscreens I'm gonna try out this next week and let you all know my thoughts. I'm always on the hunt for the best ones since myself and the kids have sensitive skin.

Do you have any summertime care must haves??


  1. Ironically dave really likes ExfoliKate lol, I love her face wash too, super gentle!

  2. I did a review on Exfolikate and absolutely love it! In fact, I have it as my #1 ranked exfoliator over at www.Exfoliate.com. There's some other really great exfoliators out there but this is the best right now :)

  3. I did a review on Exfolikate and absolutely love it! In fact, I have it as my #1 ranked exfoliator over at www.Exfoliate.com. There's some other really great exfoliators out there but this is the best right now :)