Can you believe I have more photos to share today after my Spring fresh photo dump of the kids?? lol....I'm owning it. I'm a mamarazzi.

In April we said goodbye to the crib. This was a couple months earlier than I prepared for but the turd kept climbing out every night and nap time and then throwing a hissy fit when he couldn't get back in in the middle of his nap/night. So we fixed that. He is doing much better in this bed ;-)

Jay has a couple obsessions. Climbing, Poppy (also known as God-Poppy because he is also his god father), climbing, popsicles, climbing, wearing his bike helmet at all times, & climbing.
...and then there is Nae who ALWAYS tries to photobomb. 

You are welcome Nana & Poppy...I cropped your "eating faces" out of that Orange leaf photo. lol

She told me her baby wanted to go on a walk. lol I'm glad she remembered her purse. But in all honesty...I never want to forget this age.

We were totally spoiled this last month with TWO dates! WHAT?!?!! Nana & Poppy told us to get lost one night so we grabbed some drinks at our favorite, Peterson's, and then hit the movies for the first time in basically forever. Dude. Are we the last people to learn that 96th St. theater has all reclining chairs now!??  Holy smokes..that was AMAZING! 
And then the next weekend our beloved babysitter/cousin helped us out so could get a little fancy schmancy for a charity event. 

I always joke to Tom that I'm going to start two new blog series' called "What Janae Wore" and "The Places Jay has Been" LOL These two are just so funny in their own ways. Jay is CONSTANTLY looking for trouble and Nae is CONSTANTLY putting together "fabulous" outfits. (Yes, she really uses the word "fabulous" about her and mine's outfits regularly. Even if its yoga pants. I'm clearly raising her right. I'm so proud)

As fancy as she likes to be she has the same active spirit I had as a child. She just wants to RUN. She will actually just ask if she can go out side "to do her running". Its hilarious and such a flash back to who I was as a child too. I love it. I love that both my kids are so active. They inspire me to find that little girl in me again.

I'm so loving this season already you guys. April was amazing and May is gonna be even better. We have some super cool family things going on & coming up! 

This month I want to focus on:

1. Finishing the 21 Day Fix Extreme with Tom. We are almost a week in & I have not been following the diet per say rather just eating cleaner but NOT limiting portions and calories or completing all workouts in their entirety because my goal is strictly to be in shape and tone up...but Tom has been trying to complete the entire challenge. In fact, I'll be sharing some super yummy food on Sunday that ties into the 21 Day Fix. 

2. Wear more dresses. (I cringe even typing that)

3. Plant the garden! My mouth is watering just thinking of home grown tomatoes!

4. Take my kids to swim with dolphins ;-)

I hope you all have a wonderful start to May this weekend and remember to check out some super DELICIOUS recipes on Sunday!

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