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I've read this quote countless times and always loved it. But today this was posted by one of my favorite interior designers on Instagram. I don't know her personally but I adore her style and draw inspiration from her constantly. I wanted to share this and my personal process in case anyone is looking for a new way to think about how you want to style your home.  

The last year and half is when I feel like this home has really made a huge transformation into being the "home" I had envisioned. It takes time, folks! It takes money, copious amounts of time, more money,  and also the right inspiration & pieces to make your home your sanctuary and the perfect spot for your family. We still have so many ideas brewing (honestly, I never run out of ideas! lol) but we do set budgets and stick to them and save for our projects.

But "Inspiration" is what I'm writing about today though. I've actually had a lot of people ask me where my inspiration comes from in the last year or so. A few even asking for help styling their own homes. Not to insinuate that my house is even remotely close to "perfectly designed" because its a far cry from that or that I'm a professional designer because I'm totally not. (Hello...have you seen my ceiling where its massively water stained for like 2 years now??? a certain female child decided to flush a box of kleenex's which over flowed. It was a really lovely situation sitting on the couch watching water fall from the ceiling. Maybe after we hit the three year anniversary of the stain we can work it into our "projects" to fix! LOL! But if you have ever painted a ceiling before then you know why this has been so conveniently "ignored") But since having some of those inspiration questions asked multiple times I've actually put a lot of thought into my personal design process... At first I was like "umm I don't know!" and then suddenly I was like DUH! My inspiration comes from "us"..."us" being our family. The roots of many rooms are based around pieces that matter to me.  Many antiques & vintage family heirlooms. 

Another way I source my inspiration is through using two or three words to describe how I want that room to feel to fit "us". Those keywords help me know to what to look for. For example my playroom: "Fun" & "Happy" come to my mind. Sometimes I search high and low for the right pieces to serve as a reflection of a parts of my life.

Because many of these pieces that I use to set the vibe of my house are just smaller accessories, I then just shop for, often times new, large anchor pieces that I just feel drawn to. This is when I consider am I looking for cottage/country style? or a piece with clean modern lines? or classic/traditional/timeless? All the while keeping in mind the words I originally used to describe how I want the room to feel. ("comfy" is pretty much my theme in every room. I want people to feel like they can walk in and just sit down anywhere they want. No formal stuffiness in this house! Ahem...our "formal dining room" is being used as our playroom. LOL)

Again, I'm NOT an expert in any way..but for me styling my home is finding the pieces that are authentic and meaningful to me and then building around those to accentuate and balance them. 

I aspire for people to walk into our home and see "us"...for our home to tell our story:

I've filled our built in's with various items but lots of pieces that show a small part of us. Tom loves JFK so a few Kennedy books are sprinkled throughout as well as some old hairstyle books from my aunts shop. Both of my children love the horses in our family so they actually chose that horse I'm using as a bookend. 
I have not one but two vintage hairdryers through our house that I can't even get enough of ;-)

And you may walk in and just think "oh cool scrabble tiles"...in fact many people have commented about them. But what everyone doesn't know is that before we had kids Tom and I had some routine date nights. Thursdays, I worked until 8pm and then we would go grab Mexican.. and on Tuesday nights we played scrabble. When I stumbled on these wall tiles on Etsy I knew I had seen them for a reason. I immediately asked Tom what word I should spell and he chose "home"...so to you they are scrabble tiles...but to us they are a special memory.

The key obsession. It all began when I got the framed key in the very bottom of the collage wall. It was my grandmothers. I got that piece and began adding key decor from that day on. Recently I acquired the very top large key from my other grandmother. So for me, key obsession = my grandparents homes.
Luggage is so trendy right now...stacked as a side table...used as storage...or just for decor. I also just recently got these pristine pieces from my grandparents. I wanted them and place in my living room because I love the "classic" look of them. While my living room is not what I'd consider a formal space, it is our most traditional (I use that word loosely) room in the main living area.

Ball jars are crazy popular right now. I'm fully on board this trend but I do have to say the trend runs a little deeper for me. Growing up my parents gardened and canned many goods. The ball jars give me flashes of my childhood helping & the sound of the pressure cooker sealing those jars. One of these days I may just give canning my garden grown veggies a whirl myself ;-)

The cowbell beside is a little spot of humor for me. Tom and I completely cackle about the SNL cowbell skit. (if you have not seen this you need to you tube it) After making a joke about cowbell a year or so ago my Mom was totally clutch and hooked me up with this jewel! 

Playroom is "happy" and "fun" remember...I fill it with things that feel youthful and exciting. Orange tufted chair is a family piece. And if you don't think that chair is "happy or fun"....well, uh....we are friends anymore. LOL
 Vintage school map spoke to me last fall. I originally walked away from it but it kept nagging at me. I eventually had to have it. This is a good example of no sentimental meaning but perfect example of having what feels right and making thoughtful decisions about surrounds you every day. It brings a smile to my face every time I look at it. It evokes "happy and fun" for me.

When Tom and I first began dating 12 years ago we were only allowed to see each other outside of school one to two nights a week. One time we usually did social things with friends after football games or went bowling etc. But at least one of the two times we would hang out at either of our houses and watch "Friends"... Tom's mom quickly noticed the obsession developing and from that point on bought us every single season over the course of holidays and gift worthy moments. I often wonder if she hadn't thought to give us the seasons if we would have stayed so obsessed with the show today? We still pop in a disc and watch at least once a week!! In one of the episodes Phoebe is describing Ross as Rachel's "lobster." Everyone was like "huh" and proceeded to explain that lobsters mate for life. So of course I stumbled on this and it was just the right print to frame in our bedroom!

 This is just the tip of the iceberg really but some of my favorite examples! Hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our authentic home and found some inspiration as well! 

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  1. love this post! I love incorporating personal items in a home. It is what makes a house a home. And I LOVE LOVE the new website. So cute! Change is good every once in a while! ;)