San Jose del Cabo || Family Vacation

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I hope you all are relaxing and enjoying your freedom today! Thanks to all those who have served, are serving, and plan to in the future!

We just spent the last week in Mexico and if you have ever been there then you know the poverty and sadness that country has throughout. While there are many GORGEOUS and fabulous areas, its eye opening every time I travel there how unbelieveably lucky we are to live in the United States.  Coming back into the states, I'm always so relieved to see our flags... Knowing that we get the privilege of living in the greatest country on earth. Those feelings of "home" wouldn't exist without all our armed services who fight for us. I had the greatest honor to spend the last week with my two favorite veterans, my father & my brother in-law. To Matt & Dad, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are real life living heros!

We are lucky enough to be able to travel to the wonder San Jose del Cabo often thanks to my parents sharing their timeshare ownership with us there. We absolutely love the area and for the first time we took our kids with us this year! It was truly my favorite visit to Mexico... or better yet, vacation in general ever! Honestly, going into it I really was expecting to feel so exhausted and so stressed but it was nearly the complete opposite. The flights went so well. The kids napped and played quietly. It wasn't until we were aprox. 3-4 minutes from touching ground back in Indy on the trip home that suddenly Jay just threw up all over me! WHAT?!! ahahahahahah Luckily we landed before I could even really wrap my head around what happened so I just said a few quick apologies to those around us and just left the plane. I mean don't get me wrong...I smelled awful all the way home in our car but other than that I basically just let that whole debacle go as soon as I had my feet in the airport and could distance myself and Jay from everyone! I figure this is my payback for getting the 2 year old boy who slept on all four flights we had to take there and back! Plus, I'm a little bit giggling that I get to write this in his baby book and tell all his future girlfriends about it!

Otherwise this boy just ran around all crazy, falling down every 30 seconds, and then throwing some sand. He was totally care free last week.

Janae was a TOTAL beach babe! Omgosh...like Mexico was her jam! The waves, the swimming, the shells, the fruit, the "fancy drinks" (no alcohol of course!!!), the "sleepovers" she got to have with Jay! She was seriously ecstatic the entire trip! One night she was up until almost midnight eastern time because she was smitten for that evenings Disney performance hosted by her fave, Tinkerbell. ;-) She handled herself so well with the airports and planes. I was incredibly proud of her patience and obedience.  (she usually tends to show characteristics of my patience levels. LOL!) But honestly, this girl was soaked or soaking up rays ALL DAY LONG.

And then there was Tom. My husband. Father of my two beautiful children. He was a rockstar husband grabbing me drinks, fetching me pico & guac.  Spending evenings after the kids on the balcony watching romantic comedies with me. Led us on morning walks to burn off some of that eastern time zone energy our kids seemed to have copious amounts of. Chasing Jay while he just ran around the whole week....taking Nae to the waves every 3 minutes when she would ask. Even participating in her "dance lessons".  But dammit...That crazy dude!!! He had to get EIGHT stitches in his back while we were there!!
I mean SHIT Tom! What the hell do you think you are doing taking our kids down the kiddie slides and slicing your back open?? LOL! (the most unmanly way to injure yourself ever we all determined) I mean I didn't fly my whole damn family all the way to Mexico for you to ride in an ambulance to a Mexican emergency room and then get your back all stitched up! hahahahahah I do want to note that the hotel was phenomenal about the whole accident and arranged all his care and covered all expenses. They were top notch about the whole stupid thing! At the end of the day we are all laughing about it. We are very thankful it happened to him and not a child and that it was really just a bad cut. No further injury. But seriously Tom...don't do that next time we go on vacation!

We spent our time mostly on the beach or at the pool...or eating. It was divine. It really was as relaxing as I can imagine vacation could ever be with young children. We skipped out on bedtime one night and let Nana & Poppy keep the kids while we went to the Gala at the resort with my sister & brother n law. We also did a dolphin adventure. It was SO FUN!!!  (My sister couldn't participate because she is pregnant and my Dad sat out with her..but they took some extra photos and videos for us!) The dolphin tried to tongue kiss me and I was a little spazzy (per normal) about that whole "situation"

We also spent one half of a day walking to town in San Jose del Cabo (sister town to most commonly known Cabo San Lucas. We have stayed in both San Lucas and San Jose twice now and we by far prefer San Jose for is lower key vibe.) There, the guys got their cigars and the kids found some treasures. We ate at our favorite go-to joint for tacos. People, these tacos....they are just like nothing else. I dream of these tacos. Everyone here is the US is totally messing up tacos. What the hell are we making?? Why are we doing it all wrong????? GAH!

We did some family photos on the beach while there but I'm going to post those tomorrow in attempt to keep this post from being the longest most boring piece I've ever published! ;-)

Oh wait! Did I mention we ate...A LOT? Like all day everyday? And then played in the sand? And then just walked around admiring flowers and the beauty of San Jose? Oh and lots of napping....ahem, not me.

Ok I'm gonna cut myself off now. I'll be back tomorrow with some of our family shots. Enjoy your day off today!


  1. It looks like you all had so much fun! I'm with Janae and her fancy drinks - the last time we were in the Caribbean I couldn't get enough of the virgin passion fruit daiquiris! Granted, I was pregnant at the time ;) Would love your tips on traveling with a two year old, because that frightens the hell out of me! Haha!

  2. Looks like you all had such an awesome time!! And poor tom! I hope he tells people at work it was shark attack ;)

  3. I am so sorry I cannot get out of my mind the look of poor Tom's face when they told him he was going to the hospital in ambulance:-) Priceless. He sure took one for the team. We shall refer to that as his 'shark bite' similar to mine. . . aaahhhmmm ask Miss Spicy Chicken about that adenture sometime. Seriously playing with your kids can be hazardeous to parents.

  4. I want to say I am so grateful for our feeedom and more proud than ever for our two special men, husband and son Matt for making sure we can keep our beautiful countr. Most grateful they returned safely to us. Thank you super guys! Love you.