Before they were born...

I didn't understand that I needed all the thirty one totes. Like literally.. I need to own them all for all their things. There are just so many things.... #andyouhavetotakeallthethingseverywhere

I didn't understand that I actually would develop favorite characters from my children's shows. You don't even know you have opinions either until one morning when you are all comfy & cuddling in bed when you initiate a discussion with your daughter on which of the My Little Pony characters are your favorites and then go on to list them in the order you like them. 

I didn't understand how hard it really is to keep a toddler dressed for a day. The struggle is real. Honestly... Nothing can prepare you for this nudity battle. #itswar

I didn't understand how suddenly deep conversations become at bedtime. Like all day they want to talk about poop or just make noises that often involve spit...But now all the sudden they NEED to discuss God, or why the color purple exsists, or how electricity works....or tonight it was "Mom...Mommy....hey mommy....Mooooom...Hey Mama...."(this is the drawn out repeats of "mom" until she can think of something to ask that she knows I can't answer in timely manner) "why are there spiders? And where do they come from"

I didn't understand that kids can do unimaginable things that you would bet your life savings on it not working out. Tom and I call this "The rule of the toddler." It is perhaps one of the most entertaining parts of being a mother. Your mind will be blown regularly. The way the can fall down the entire flight of stairs and land on their feet and just keep walking all in one fluid motion.. Or the way they can set something right on the edge of the table and by all laws of gravity there is no possible way it should be balanced with only 1/4 inch of the base of the cup actually on table. Trust me on this. They will fit things, where again, there is no way it should fit. I DO NOT UNDERSTAND IT!!

I didn't understand the energy levels of kids. Im no scientist but based on my close observations of meals not eaten, naps skipped, mid night wakings because they cant find their sock or there bed is too "jumpy?!??"... all that measured against their body size.... it makes absolutely no sense how and where the energy comes from. 

I didn't understand that I would actually love baby wipes. Like they will literally hold a very special place in my heart and I can't begin to imagine life without them. Tom and I just had a very serious discussion about how we will always buy them. 

I didn't understand how aggravating my days would be as a mother...but completely hilarious and joyful all at the same time. These two. My goodness...my hands are full. But, so is my heart.


  1. i love that pic of Nae with her hand on her face...so pretty

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! All the thirty one bags, the bigger the better. I literally think "I should sell this stuff" every time we travel!