Chicken Picked || Spoiled Edition

Ok this is gonna look like a hot mess. It is. I am. ;-)


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Just sharing some of our recent spoils!

-Nae is full throttle binge watching Full House! I thought I'd just expose her to it about 2 months ago but she is so beyond obsessed. I actually love seeing her love one of my favorite shows growing up. She knows its called Full House but when she will ask for it she says "can I watch Michelle now?" lol So adorable.

-These crazy creatures are called Critter Wind Up's. My nephews got these from their other Grandmother at the boys birthday party and I just can't get over how cool they are. Santa is 100% bringing a couple of these to my kids.

-The kids have been indulging in some Bomb Pops since its summer time! When I think of Summer, I think of the 4th of July. Well, I'm not a huge fan of flag printed stuff but I do love a good red white and blue combo on all things and these are way too much fun to see the kids run around with.

-Through all of June and July we love sparklers in the evenings! Its one of our summer things! Jay is really enjoying getting in on the fun this year (with parental guidance of course ;-)
**I've never let Nae stay up to catch lightening bugs but I think this weekend we are gonna let her. I'm pretty sure she will faint from all the excitement!

-So for six months last year I wore a rather expensive mouthpiece that was visible to anyone when I spoke. Translation for me was no red wine unless I wanted stained pink. I stopped wearing the piece in December but I honestly haven't been drinking wine as much ever since...but the other day I picked up one of my very favorite reds, Red Velvet by Cupcake Wines, that I hadn't drank in months. I'm savoring this bottle! So good!

- Speaking of binge watching earlier....So Tom and I usually binge watch a show on netflix like twice a year. It consumes us and then we hate our lives because we can't get anything pertaining to our real life done. We honestly don't watch hardly any tv during the warm months but out of nowhere the feeling of needing to binge came over me this last week and after an agonizing evening of googling and weighing our options (yes, we are the biggest losers of all life. Don't make fun of us. ;-) we finally settled on Scandal. We are HOOKED. omgosh. Tom actually forgot he had some continuing education to get finished by its deadline and when he text to me the other day that he would have to do that after the kids went to bed instead of watch Scandal, I literally almost cried. Like it knocked the wind completely out of my sails for the day.  I highly recommend it in case you too are a giant loser who wants to waste your life, dedicating every spare second to a good show.

-And finally this Saranoni blanket. I'm going to start off by saying I debated even putting this on here because I feel embarrassed and like such a brat to have bought this. It's far more than I would normally spend on a blanket. But here is what happened:
Tom and I don't usually get each other gifts for birthdays or holidays ....so last Christmas we were responsible for just one Santa gift for each other so that Nae didn't question us being "left out." Well if you know me well then you know that I'm completely obsessed with blankets and always covering up on the couch. You will RARELY see me sitting down at couch or even dinner table without a blanket. IM SO COLD! seriously. I'm frozen all the time. Ok so anyway, I asked for a nice super soft cream blanket. I gave him a few options from various stores like Target, West Elm, etc.  Two days before Christmas he still hadn't had time to go buy a blanket. So since I had to do a quick run to Target for some last minute filler items I told him I'd just take care of it so we didn't have to organize two child free trips. So I get there and there was only one cream blanket in the whole store. I bought it because I didn't want to run anywhere else but it wasn't exactly what I was wanting. I wanted something a bit larger and also solid and not crocheted for warmth reasons ;-) So fast forward through the last 5-6 months and this blanket thing has still be on my mind. I had read on a couple blogs about these blankets a few times and kept checking them out but the price tag just really turned me off. Finally this last month Tom told me to buy it. I don't know if he felt bad or was sick of me talking about it but I ordered it. And I love it. Its so heavy and warm and soft...and everything I need and want in a blanket. LOL I still feel sick about the $99 price tag but its kinda amazing. Yes, its 90 degrees outside but thats even more reason why I need a good blanket. Because when I come inside in shorts and tank tops I almost freeze to death.

So those are our Summer spoils and picks for this last month!


  1. i have never watched Scandal..but was thinking of watching during those late night feedings...ALSO...i love blankets like its a hobby so i think its totally worth it!!!

  2. Love me some Cupcake wine.. and the blanket looks so comfy!