It's been Par-tay central over here which is why I've been so quiet errrr absent on here lately! Two weeks ago I hosted a baby shower for my friend Kelly whom you might recognize from Sequins & Scissors. She is one of my truest most loyal friends. She actually threw a baby shower for me nearly five years ago when I was pregnant with Nae. It was an absolute joy to pour my heart into returning the favor for her. Her little son is going to have a woodland themed nursery so I used that for my shower inspiration as well. I'm not personally a very big fan of shower games and Kelly didn't have strong feelings about having games so we skipped that and opted for some photo booth fun! I kept the food easy with pinwheel roll up bites, pasta salad, and veggies and dip. Kelly & I agreed on adorable sugar cookies made by a local Mama instead of a cake. They were so pretty that I didn't want to eat them! It came together to perfectly. Now, I just can't wait to meet this little chap!

And then, this last weekend we traveled home to Mother Hen's for a family weekend. If you remember from me mentioning in the past, Jay is just 10 days younger than my brother's youngest son, so we celebrated their first birthdays together last year. And, this year my brothers other two son's wanted in on the summer birthday celebration fun. So we had FOUR boys birthdays to celebrate! They all agreed on a Paw Patrol theme. (its a tv show for those who are wondering)....Honestly, what are the chances that four boys ranging from 2 to 7 could agree on a theme! Craziness! But so much fun!

Jay is #OBSESSED with anything loud that has wheels. I never expected it to be such an intense obsession. He is rivaling one of the older boy cousins when he was at this age. It's seriously so crazy. All he wanted to do was climb around on Poppy's tractor or bobcat the entire time...so to prevent him from running off every 2.3 seconds we finally moved the bobcat to the party so he could be in sight and do his thing. Keeping it classy people! HAHAHAH (it sorta fit the theme, right?)

**This is his "individual" photo with the gifts and cake situation. Seriously...this is best photo I got! LOL! But it suits him... This is Jay at age 2.
Jay's actual birthday is July 2nd and we can't wait to have a cake and celebrate some more! I took his 2 year photos back home this last weekend in the wooded part of my parents land. They turned out completely adorable! I can't wait to share them then! In the meantime I hope to share a fun and easy recipe & who knows what else! ;-)  

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  1. thank you so much again Val, for such a beautiful party! you are such a sweet friend!!! Love u!!!