Lazy Guac

I recently tweaked the way I make guac due to laziness and as it turns out I love it so much more! Like, not even because its quicker...because I actually like it more. ;-) I used to add cheese, jalapeƱo, completely smash up my avocado until smooth, plus add in traditional smoothly blended salsa... you get the point. But laziness actually led to a super yummy recipe and best of all a fun at-home date night.

The kids had just gone to bed and we were planning to sit outside on our patio (we spend nearly every single night out there, when we have good weather, after the kids go to bed)...I was having my usual spaz attack over wanting a snack but nothing sounded good sort of deal that Tom listens to more days than not, when I finally decided on guac. However, I wasn't in the mood to stand in the kitchen to make guacamole nor did I have all the ingredients but it sounded divine. All we had were cherry tomatoes and a little bit of left over onion, and avocados. So I went with it. But like I mentioned I really was tired and just wanted to sit down so I actually took it all outside and sat at the patio table to make it. Next thing I know Tom grabbed a knife and cutting board and joined the fun. So we made our new guac recipe and sat there and talked all evening. It was so fun! We rarely get to cook together anymore because by 9pm after the kids are snuggled in bed I usually would choose death over cooking. hahahah Ok... that was a bit dramatic but truly...I just want to crash that time of day.

**I don't measure anything. Please let that be my disclaimer. I never measure stuff which is partially why I struggle to jump into the baking scene.

The first change in my recipe which I already mentioned, was that I only had a few necessary ingredients. I halved a whole container of cherry tomatoes and tossed in a bowl. Then chopped up roughly 1/2 cup onion. Then finally just chunked one avocado and added to bowl. I loved the idea of it being so chunky rather than smooth like a lot of people/places make it. It needed a little more pizazz so I gave it a good shake of garlic powder and stirred in a long squirt of lime juice. Donezo.

I truly love it so much that I have been known to just eat it with a spoon and no chips. #iamafreak
I've been making this like twice a week. I might have food addiction issues. lol Once my tomatoes are ripe then I'll be full steam ahead on the salsa train.  Until then, the farmers market and my green bean bin are my produce lifesaver ;-) I'll share a tad more on that in the next week or so with my other easy summer lunch! Until then, Happy Lazy Guac-ing to you all this weekend!

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