Sibling Shot + Photography Tips & Sources

So when a certain adorable child of mine decided to fall asleep during our family photo session in Mexico, he left me no choice but to come home and get a sibling shot myself for our family room's updated canvas. Seriously, who just falls asleep like that? GAH! hahahaha Once I took the photos I thought I would share some of my favorite photography sources and tips!

  In case you haven't noticed I have like 27,000,000 hobbies that I dabble in and photography is one of them. Not only do I get to use photography as an artistic outlet I can also preserve memories of our children while they are little. I never want to forget their little hands and smiles with their baby teeth ;-) At the end of the day its something I just really passionately enjoy. I'm always learning and trying new tricks and resources so this is by no means a final list....as my moods and tastes change, the list too changes. This list and tips is solely based on my preferences and not on actual textbook photography.


Currently I use my Nikon 3000 most commonly with my short lens or occasionally my long lens when the kids are outside playing and I don't want to disturb them or let them know I'm watching ;-) I rarely shoot in "auto" anymore.... but I still have SO MUCH to learn as far as bettering my understanding of all the modes.  I generally find that I like photos to almost be a tad over exposed. I just like the light and bright as long as it doesn't removed excessive detail in faces. I don't use photoshop at all. I don't even own the program. The only way I edit photos in iPhoto on my Mac. I feel like if something needs more editing than what I'm capable of in iPhoto then that is not a good photo! There are only a few edits I really mess with much-- I WILL retouch an occasional blemish or sometimes scrapes and bruises on the kids if its not meant to be a candid photo. At times I'll play around with exposure and white balance if they photo is under exposed. I occasionally will adjust the saturation depending on if I'm looking for a bold photo or a more washed out photo. And my favorite thing to adjust is the temperature. I generally like photos to have more warmth. But like I said in the very beginning...my tastes and preferences do change from time to time so my methods of adjusting my photos do too. Oh and sometimes depending on how harsh the light was I may have to adjust the shadow setting to brighten up faces. But no matter what, I do all my editing in iPhoto and nothing else. 

Personal Tips: 

 1. GET LOW. I hate nothing more (most of the time) than photos that are taken "down" on someone. We all do it because we are taller and its just natural to just point and shoot quickly. But honestly, trying sitting down on the floor or squatting. (hell...sometimes I'm laying down to get level) However, There are times when it's intentional and it works. But most of the time its not flattering to shoot down and have your children gawking up at you. In fact I remember a photographer we worked with when I was still in the salon who basically said he felt it was "degrading" to photograph down on someone. That comment has stuck with me ever since. It's just important that if you are doing so, that it has a purpose and is part of the artistic style of the photo you are taking. 

2. Follow the rule of thirds. I personally am MUCH more drawn to off centered photos. Using the rule of thirds. I most enjoy my subject to be right the bottom left quadrant cross lines or bottom right. 

Printing Sources:

For all my standard size prints I use Shutterfly. I have experimented with multiple different sources that I've seen recommended by other bloggers and sources found on Pinterest but I always end up back at Shutterfly. My reasons are: 
-ease of site
-quick turnaround
-pretty true to color & tone (some sources print your photos WAY OFF if you ever pay attention. I enjoy my photos with a tad a of an antique filter and this can appear WAY too yellow or orange if you aren't using a good printing source)

For canvases I like Uprinting.com 
Everywhere offers canvases these days (even walmart) but here is what to look for. Do you like an image gallery wrap? Where the photo is stretched around the sides? Some places will make those sides white which can look really cheap and tacky. Again, there is print quality. Graininess & how true the colors read. And finally price. I think Uprinting has excellent prices and the quality has been completely on point with every canvas I've ever ordered. 


My very favorite apps are Snapseed & PicTapGo. I do enjoy the occasional Afterlight sometimes too.

Again I use these apps to usually brighten my photos and saturate the colors. And sometimes to blur backgrounds or unwanted details of my quick snapshots with my phone.

On Snapseed I'm like completely obsessed with "glamour glow" so if you use that app or download it, you gotta try that! ;-)

I use Instagram to collect some of my favorite photos as well to document life. Sometimes things are too personal (like naked baby bums) and I don't post... but I try to include what is appropriate for social media and what I want to be printed in our chatbooks. I usually save those other photos I don't post on instagram for our yearbooks we make on Shutterfly. We have been ordering chatbooks for a year or so now. We love them. Tom likes to take them to his work and keep on his desk. They are fun & affordable way to collect all those fun snapshots.

A few snapshots:

Last month was full of pool days & sprinkler fun, yummy treats, trips to the park, bike riding, naps, sparklers, and of course our amazing vacation. 

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  1. So fun!! I love Afterlight and VSCO! They have pretty nice filters too. :)