List #22 | Some Reasons I Know I'm Crazy

1. I can't even try to make myself consume something after its "sell by date"...I just can't...

2. I can't stand for anyone to touch my face. There is a really good chance I'll seriously swat to hit you if you do!

3. I nickname almost all the people in my life. Sometimes I tell those people and sometimes I don't ;-)   Most of the time I only use those names in my head... or when I talk to Tom.

4. I also think all people look like an animal. I am always trying to figure out what animal you are. Again, 99% of the time I would never tell you what animal you are to me. This is only for "official" use between me and Tom only. #luckytom #justkidding #whydoesheevenlikeme

5. I HAVE to shower every evening before going to bed. I can't even handle the idea of going to bed "dirty" and then just laying there rolling around in "filth"  (Like, honestly...on an average day, how dirty could I possibly be? lol See I told you, I'm CRAZY)

6. I like to make up words. A LOT! You wouldn't believe all the made up words I use on a daily basis.

7. I can't finish a coke or beer. With cokes (I mean actual coke, because diet drinks and pepsi products are absolute piss) I only like probably the first 10 sips when its super cold and carbonated. Once it settles I can't hardly drink it. Its all kinds of wrong. With beer...I have no reason. I just can't ever drink the last little bit. It grosses me out!!???!

8. I wake myself up from laughing in my sleep a lot. (Tom finds this extraordinarily creepy) I also do a fair bit of talking in my sleep...or so I've been told.

9. I like to entertain myself by taking really ugly selfies and then sending them to people.

Sometimes I can't believe how ugly I can get. 

10. I like to wear gobs of perfume. I WILL be "that" old lady someday and I can't wait for it. ...Right now, I don't wear perfume often due to Jay's sensitive skin but when I do, I really like to load it on. Recently my mom introduced me to an new delicious scent and she gave a good dousing in it before bed and I kept waking up that night to smell myself. It was an amazing experience. (the looks on my Dad's & Tom's faces when I described how awesome my nights "sleep" was due to smelling myself was completely priceless)

There is a lot more, but thats enough Monday entertainment for y'all. Lets just call it like it is, though..I'm a nut job.

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