Monday Motivation : Getting Fit

So almost 6 months ago I decided to finally get back in shape after having two kids... 

What a lot of people don't know is that I was very active & fit growing up. I was always playing sports (gymnastics, softball, cheerleading to name a few)...and outside of sports I was far from a couch potato. I'm certain my mom would refer to me as extremely hyperactive. ;-) I quit playing sports towards the end of high school and took a nice hiatus from fitness until right when I graduated. I was moving and want to avoid those "freshman 15"...so I began walking. Which later turned into years of running. I was in shape pretty well until one day after I found out I was pregnant with Janae. My pregnancy is not what made me stop, however. The morning after I took my first positive pregnancy test (of seven. lol Tom actually forbid to take anymore tests after six and then one day he was napping and I ran out to CVS and got another one! hahahaha Could I be anymore psycho?) ..I woke up with bronchitis. :-( It was BAD. I had high fever and the most insane cough for TWO months off and on. I couldn't take many over the counter meds for it due to the pregnancy which no one knew about....I was trying to work my long 12 hr days and seem normal and honestly I got so so so worn down. By the time I was feeling 100% better I was hovering the 12 wk mark where I was in full throttle exhaustion phase of the first trimester which didn't let up for me until about 18 weeks. By the time I was getting my energy back at that point I just promised myself to get back in shape after she was born. I did work hard at getting in shape during my 3 month leave but the second I went back to work it just fell off my radar. There was no time for it...at least in my mind struggling to find balance to my new life. Fast forward 4 years and another baby later....I was a skinny-fat- girl as I like to call it. I'm fortunate to be naturally thin so people often don't understand why I'd even want to work out but its not about losing weight or even "toning" that much. I just wanted to FEEL good. Even though I was not actually overweight, I was so squishy and just "blaah" all over. My skin was loose from the ridiculous 40-60lbs I gained with my pregnancies. (Yes... I tend to go into beast mode when pregnant and just eat all the food)  I wanted to feel stronger and less like my midsection was jello/mush inside. I looked "good" on the outside but on the inside I felt weak and lazy. Not to mention, I knew the stress relief exercising would provide would be welcome as well. 

So right around the new year, I was really inspired by Tom's recent rededicated to going to the gym and getting in shape. He seemed perkier and had more energy. It gave me the spark I needed to get back at it. He originally asked me to join the gym with him and I remember looking at him like he had six heads and probably answered with some sassy "hell no" sort of response...but it got me thinking about how I could find a way to do this for myself. I'm sure as hell not getting up any earlier than I already do...its just not my style. I AM a morning person..but I like a coffee and good snuggle first thing...not rushing out the door. I wasn't messing all that up. LOL I searched Pinterest to find ANYTHING I could comfortably fit into my current lifestyle and finally decided on the squat challenge. ( which I've mentioned on here before) It was so quick and easy and the perfect first step. It fit into a small window of  Jay's nap time and didn't cramp my productivity during those precious few hours each day either. It took only about 5-10 minutes each day which is nothing people. But it was something. On "rest" days I was doing pilates, yoga, & barre which are dvds I already owned. My goal was just 10 minutes. Thats it. I loved the challenge and I continued it beyond the end for weeks.

Eventually Tom and I decided to try the 21 day fix extreme (this is an at home dvd set that is made by Beachbody...also the creator of P90X that everyone has probably heard of) Tom was interested in doing it with me which is why we opted for the "extreme." He needed the harder challenge so again when we started I made my goal to just get through 10-15 of the videos ...skipping cardio days & meal plan because I didn't want to lose any weight at all. By the last week of the fix, I was completing pretty well every 30 minute workout! That was 2 months ago. I actually super duper love the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts with the exception of Plyo which makes me want to poke my eyes out just thinking about it. I, then, traded for a few weeks for the regular 21 day fix with another friend of mine and really liked that set of workouts too. 

I've still been maintaining here at home with a goal of 3 days a week (4 if my schedule allows) to get some exercise in. I love to mix it up with all the "workouts" and DVDs I've mentioned plus I'm always scouring Pinterest and Pop Sugars Fitness column for new challenges or ways to spice it up! Sometimes I do a full 30 minutes and sometimes it's still just 10 minutes. Im being 100% honest when I say that while I DO like seeing the physical results through muscle and toning, I really am doing this for me on the inside. Its therapeutic and I truly just feel so much better phsycially. 

But...you know what makes me feel even better and gives me a boost to workout??  ...Shopping for cute athletic clothes. ;-) lol. Did you really think I'd write a whole post without it somehow winding back to my love for shopping? HAHAHAHA I've completely fallen in love with Fabletics. (this is totally NOT a sponsored post! I just wanted to share!) You probably have heard of it or seen it...Kate Hudson is the face behind the brand. I've joined the VIP which gets your first outfit for 25 dollars and then generally most outfits are only like 50 after that. They release new styles every single month which are CUTE! I love how fashionable they are and way comfy. They have TONS of prints & colors available in each legging, short, or top option! I've been REALLY happy with my 3 outfits so far so I wanted to show off some of my favorites they have right now in case you are looking for some stuff!

Zella from Nordstrom (which I have blogged about before too!) has won my heart as well, but its higher prices which limits how many of those pieces I can splurge on. 

I shared all this on here today to help inspire anyone who is in the same boat that I was in. Someone who doesn't have the time or means to go to the gym. Someone who needs the nudge I needed. I don't plan to be a fitness blogger ever. I would never consider myself, like, "really" in shape...but I'm active and stronger....and thats better than nothing. 

Do you all have any at home workouts you love? I'm always trying to mix it up so please let me know if you have any recommendations!

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  1. I started going to a spinning class at our local Park & Rec in January for my MENTAL health. I hate working out, and really don't have a desire to lose weight, but I needed an hour to myself one or two times a week. Shockingly (to me and everyone who knows me), I've kept it up. Some weeks I go twice, and sometimes I go once, and that's okay. I like seeing the results - thinner, toned legs and more cardio endurance - and the shopping isn't too bad either! ;) Plus, the original goal is met. I feel less stressed on Spin days, because I know I'm going to get a good hour to myself. I just happen to also get my butt kicked during that hour! Haha!