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When I worked in the salon I had the luxury of being able to try new products daily! I loved trying new products and seeing how they work. It was a total perk of the job that I took for granted when I worked there. While I still have my license and can shop at my supply houses I still have to buy a whole product to try these days rather than just having products sitting around that I could just use on a whim at work. So when I left the salon I just have been buying my tried and true favorites up until the last six months or so. I was really missing having an arsenal of products and not only that sometimes I really believe your hair needs a good break from the same products day in and day out. So I've been slowing buying and trying some new items over the last few months. (a couple products in todays post are skin related but since they sort of fall in the same category I included them!)  Every time I've been going to my supply house I have buying one new item to try. I finally have a nice collection of products here that I wanted to share my thoughts and recommendations! As well as at the end I'm gonna list all my favorite products of all time in case you are like me and love to know a good product to introduce into your daily regimen. 

From the left to the right..
1. Circle of Friends- George's Swimmers Shampoo & conditioner I had used in a chicken picked post a while back but after a couple months of swimming and using diligently I wanted to report in that I love it for Janae's hair. I'm SHOCKED at how good her hair feels at this point in the summer considering she is in chlorine usually 4-5 times a week. I had originally anticipated needing to chop off some of those ends at the end of swim season but as of now her hair feels good and looks good too. I may just give her a good Malibu Treatment at the end of the summer and just a little trim to freshen her up!

2. Moroccanoil Restorative Hair Mask. We should all be deep conditioning at least once a month if not once a week or so depending on hair type. I wanted to try this product because everyone loves the Moroccan Oil so well so I wanted to see how another product in the line stood up to the brands reputation. I liked the product but was not wow'd by it. I would still 100% recommend it if you are looking for a nice deep conditioner but I can't say that I have any special comments about it. Still a good buy though if you are in need of buying a good deep conditioner after all the summer sun and chlorine combined with daily thermal styling! 

3. It's a 10 -  Miracle Styling Potion is one of my favorites that I've tried recently! I super duper love this. It leave your hair so soft and smooth and not oily at all! If you have super thin or fine hair I would maybe try to find a trial/travel size before purchasing but otherwise a pea size for normal density hair to maybe a dime size for super thick like mine is perfect! I've used in my hair when blowing drying AND air drying and both ways I LOVE the way my hair smells and feels!

4. Rusk-Wired is something I actually bought for my husband. I LOATHE hard-gel-shiny-hair on men. HATE IT. ok I'm being really dramatic but seriously I much prefer a touchable yet "done" look on men. Tom was using curl defining creme by Aquage (yes, he has curly hair) for years but after it not being available one time, I grabbed this one for him to try. We both give it two thumbs up. I really like the sheen on his hair from it --not too shiny...not too matte, and it appears to have nice hold. He comes home in the evenings and it still looks nice and styled. Not the plastered in place look. When a guy says he likes a product that says a lot! I TOTALLY think this is a uni-sex product ladies. I haven't personally used in my hair but I think it would be awesome for a curly headed gal! 

5. Aquage Silkening Oil Foam is my #1 winner which is totally not a shock. I'm a major Aquage snob. I love e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g about Aquage products and as a brand in general. They came out with their original silkening oil like 6 years ago which was my number one selling product back in my salon days. Everyone was completely obsessed with the oil. My friend Kelly who still works at the salon told me they came out with this and I couldn't go buy this one fast enough. It's even better than the oil. Unless you have majorly course hair...you may still want the oil. The two products intentions are a little different with many similar features but a few different ones with each but still very comparable. It comes out like a mouse or foam and you apply to wet hair. Dry into hair. It gives your hair the most beautiful shine and thermal protection all at the same time. This one is top notch, you guys. Get yo self some!

6. & 7. Overnight Restorative Cream & Micro-Dermabrasion Paste - A couple months ago I mentioned wanting the exfolikate product for my face but after chatting with a friend who sells Roden & Fields multiple times over the last six months or so  I decided I felt more comfortable with the information and technology behind the Roden & Fields brand. I grabbed up some of their microderm paste and the overnight restorative creme. I can't say enough good things about either product. I care a lot about my facial products these days, as I've spent a small fortune getting my skin back under control after my pregnancy with Jay when it went completely nuts. (like the worst in my entire life type of nuts) See, its like I used to always tell my clients in the salon...if you come in here and spend 150 dollars on your hair with me and then you go buy TRESseme, you aren't taking care of your investment. We all have auto and homeowners insurance don't we? We want to protect our investments! Well after all my medicines, cremes, appointments with my dermatologist I wanted to make sure I was protecting that hard work, time, and money spent.  I really honestly hope that you will check out  their products if you need a good facial regimen. As a final note, I've even been using the micro paste on Jays eczema on his legs. My doctor told me to exfoliate those patches and then use heavy moisturizer to help those spots. The problem is, most products are like fruity scented or have stuff in them that break him out worse! This has been working really well for him! I think I'm even going to order from the soothe line for new moisturizer for him too! 

8. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin sunscreen. Ok so I bought a few different kinds this year but this is def my a long shot my favorite. First of all, Jays crazy sensitive skin does the best with it. Secondly, I'm not gonna lie...I've always been a big fan of the spray sunscreens but after all the news I've read about them this year I've eliminated use of them. On occasion Janae would say they "burned" when I'd spray them on her which is NOT OK. And no, she wasn't confusing burning with it just feeling cold. Like she would cry sometimes and get red and blotchy on occasion. EEK! We had tried an Aveeno sunscreen because I love Aveeno bath and lotion products for my kids but I was kinda really disappointed at how quickly the lotion "broke down". After just a month it would come out sorta liquidy and sorta creamy. Not only that, Jays skin hated it which shocked me. He does well with Aveeno but this one was a total no go for us. Neutrogena Sensitive Skin it is for us! 

9. & 10.  Rusk Deep Shine Oil Shampoo & Conditioner - Eh :-/  I like the conditioner pretty well as a switch up product but not as an all the time one. The shampoo I could really do without. I think on difficult course hair a person might like it though. It is sulfate free so it doesn't suds much. If you are the sort of person who gets freaked out by no suds then this one def. won't be for you. But the conditioner IS nice if you are just looking to try something new. Remember, all hair is VERY different and we all experience different things with products so just because I'm iffy about something doesn't mean you shouldn't try it if it appeals to you.

So there you have it! And, if you are interested... here is my very favorite, most bomb-diggity, tried and true, in love for life, married forever to, product collection:  (links are at the bottom!)


Davines® | Nounou Conditioner For Color Treated Hair / MOMO SHAMPOO / SeaExtend Strengthening Conditioner / SeaExtend Strengthening Shampoo / Uplifting Foam / Silkening Oil Treatment / finishing spray / Silkening Oil Foam / Moisture Shampoo / cloud 9™ miracle repair regimen | Brocato

I also really like Kenra products but all their images are "too small" to import. Kenra Moisturizing shampoo & conditioner is favorite amongst myself and my family members! 

So now that you have read the longest product post in the history of blog product posts I hope you try something new! Even though I don't talk hair a lot on here (mostly because I have so much to say that I get overwhelmed trying to organize my thoughts and find an easy way to write it...) I still LOVE to chat about hair so if you have questions you can always hit me up! 

Have a great weekend! I'm outta here for a fun long weekend with the family!

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