Rooster Dude is TWO!

Today my dude is TWO! I don't know how this is true, but I've checked the calendar at least a hundred times and it appears to be fact.

This boy brings so much energy crazy to our family....but we are a crazy bunch so he fits right in. Jay is so so so curious without any regard for his own well being. But he is great at running to Mama to get sympathy for having executed a bad idea. Listen...I take snuggles any way I can get them. I really do love his spirit. I love that he isn't afraid to be himself and have fun. (lets just pray we can teach him to harness it a bit as he gets older ;-) He is every bit of the definition of a boy "noise with dirt on it"...he is FILTHY every night and usually so tired that he can't hold his eyes open as we wind down before bed.  He always prays for the most ridiculous things....ahem, "football & girls" was completely inappropriate the other night. Yes, he REALLY did say that during our prayers. (I nearly fell off the bed & Tom smirked. yikes.) All crazy boy-ness aside he really is a sweetie. He always says his please and thank you's...and will give anyone a hug. He adores all animals and always wants to help with chores. This dude will vacuum like nobody's business! He eats, sleeps, and breaths all things with wheels. Tractors, trains, airplanes, cars, & construction equipment. They all completely consume him. He has asked to watch the movie Cars nearly every day for the last four months and always jumps on Toms lap to watch the Nascar race. Elephants make him insanely excited. Like screaming- jumping up and down excited. This last year he got freckles on his nose. I can't even handle that cuteness. He already cut two of his 2-year molars & flew on an airplane for the first time this last year. He just mastered riding his tricycle and MUST ride every single day. He has climbed up more things than I could ever possibly list on here. He moved into his big boy bed MONTHS before I had planned because of all the climbing out at night. He had his first Xray this year, which luckily came back negative for pneumonia. Pringles are his snack of choice and doesn't want dessert food. He ALWAYS takes his PBJ apart and eats one side at a time. He asks "why" to everrrrryyyything. Have I ever mentioned that he WONT stay dressed?? 

He is boring, really. 

In our house cake for breakfast is the birthday tradition ;-)  
Nae got a pink Barbie power wheels car for her second birthday so we had to give the boy a break and get him something manly for his 2nd! ;-) 

Happy Birthday Jay-bird. You are TWO much fun and we just can't wait to see what this next year brings. (that is, if "can't wait" = we are scared. lol ;-)