Veggie Grilled Cheese

So here is the back story. From ages 14-18 I worked at a small place (which is no longer open) called Buffalo Run. It was a small restaurant, gift shop, & farm. We had real buffalo, ostrich, Lincoln Cabins, tee-pees etc. It was located on the Lincoln Trail in southern Indiana. We served buffalo, ostrich, and elk meats along with ice creams and other small sandwiches and salads in the restaurant and a large part of the business came from education field trips year round. It was while working there and serving their Veggie Grilled Cheese that I fell in love with it when it initially seemed absolutely WEIRD to me as a 14 year old girl. The Veggie Grilled Cheese has been a family favorite ever since. I've perfected the sandwich to my personal taste and thought I should share since all these lovely veggies are in season right now! 

So really you can put anything you want on this in addition to mine but I have found these three veggies pack the most punch and work together the best. Lettuce its nice on it but makes the sandwich slippery and hard to eat. Onion in not my thing on it but it may be yours! Try it! Mushrooms and green pepper could be awesome additions as well. Sometimes I use provolone cheese for myself but I usually always do mild cheddar for the kids.

I love making these sandwiches because I strive to feed my kids fruits and veggies at every meal.  Its RARE (but does happen) that I don't provide a well rounded meal 3 times a day. But, what kid doesn't like grilled cheese?? So making a veggie grilled cheese it perfect balance. I will say my kids eat their veggies really well but sometimes it requires coaxing. Honestly though, they gobble these down and never even mention it. Jay and Nae LOVE to help me cook...which, at times, is much more trouble than "help" but I have found they really do eat things better if I let them help. So, let your little ones dress the sandwich and see if they feel so proud of their work that they just eat it up with no qualms. ;-)

1. So pick & prep your veggies (ahem, my combo is the best...lol) 
2. **This part is important. Only do one slice at a time. For a few reasons: easier to keep an eye on each piece of bread that it doesn't burn before the cheese is melted. And the most important part of building the sandwich is to take the first piece of bread/cheese off the skillet then add COLD veggies. I'm telling you, the cold veggies on the hot sandwich really makes the sandwich. 
3. Dress the first slice while you make the second piece of bread/cheese. PUT THE CUCUMBERS ON FIRST. I'm so serious. It completely matters how the veggies are layered. I realized I sound way too passionate about a grilled cheese sandwich but I promise you it matters!! I like to then add tomato and finally top with pickles so those pickles butt right up to the top piece of bread.
4. Top the sandwich and make the earth shattering decision if you prefer a diagonal or just halved cut through your sandwiches. (I like a grilled cheese to be diagonal but PBJ just straight down the middle.)


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  1. Be careful the kids don't find out these sandwiches are really good food. I am not sure about those dill pickles though, guess I need give that a try. As for the cut- diagonal PBJ - down the middle. Be certain the PB & j is spread completely to the edge of the bread, you know how critical that is to kids, or maybe just my kids . . . . . .:-)